The Best Time to Buy Replacement Windows

Oct 03, 2018

If you’re considering replacing your windows, among the many things you may be wondering is what’s the best time of year to make this investment.

For many homeowners, thoughts of spring naturally evoke the desire for a fresh, clean start. Spring cleaning to-do list often expands from de-cluttering closets and having carpets cleaned to bigger projects, like replacement windows and gutter cleaning. Replacing your windows in the Spring is appealing because they deliver a crystal-clear view and rid your home of window-related eyesores, like mold, cracking, painting, peeling, condensation, broken locks, and many other unsightly factors. The other benefit of replacing windows in Spring is that it PREPARES YOUR HOME TO TAKE ON SUMMER’S HOTTER TEMPERATURES by making your home more energy-efficient, resulting in lower utility bills. Give your air conditioner some help before it starts working over-time to keep your home cool and comfortable.

summer window replacement season

As in Spring, Summer is an ideal time to replace your windows. Replacement window installation done by trained, experienced professionals should generally take one day unless there is a substantial houseful of windows to install. Short installation periods mean you won’t have your home exposed to the heat for a long period of time. There are also many ways to keep heat from outside from infiltrating most of your home during installation, such a shutting the doors to rooms as the windows are being removed. As with Spring replacement window projects, getting rid of old, single-pane or non-energy efficient double-pane windows can save your wallet from the adverse effects of the losing most of the cool air your unit is pumping out through old single pane or inferior double-pane windows. The other benefits of Spring and Summer replacement window installation are that materials, such as caulking, are at ambient temperatures for use. However, quality window companies store these materials at temperatures that make them ready for use year-round, making this a minor consideration.

Many homeowners replace their windows in the fall because the weather is milder. Fall’s ambient temperatures, especially in the Midwest states like Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana, make it an ideal time to realize all the benefits of new replacement windows. The most substantial plus with fall window replacement, largely because it adds money back into your wallet, is that it readies your home for winter’s plummeting temperatures that can cause your heating bills to skyrocket. The other advantage of fall window replacement is – and many homeowners find this to be a key contributor to when they pull the trigger – your home will look amazing when visitors arrive for the Holidays. It will show well on both the inside and outside. New windows provide the perfect backdrop for beautiful Holiday décor, parties and family gatherings. Plus, it’s one less thing to worry about during Spring cleaning season when both interior and exterior projects can be overwhelming.

While homeowners might be reluctant to take on a replacement window project in the winter due to the potential of dealing with cold air in their homes while the windows are being installed, there’s no better time to realize energy savings than when it’s cold and snowy. Once windows are installed and properly caulked and sealed, the energy savings can start immediately (and often when it’s most needed). Keeping the warm air in your home also adds an immediately increased level of comfort as an ambient temperature throughout the house is easier to attain and maintain.  Drafty old windows with freezing cold and even icy glass all detract from the cozy home environment where we feel most comfortable. The fact of the matter is if you’ve hired a professional window company to replace your windows, winter is a great time to tackle this project. They should have experienced window installation crews that work fast and keep materials such as latex or silicone caulk at ambient temperatures for optimal application. Looks for window companies that know why it’s important to offer customers windows that have been specifically designed and manufactured for peak performance in your climate. A window created to work best in Florida, won’t perform as well in frigid Ohio winters. If you Winter window replacement gives you the chills, consider some other ideas to upgrade your home that is ideal for the cold weather.

winter window replacement

The bottom line to the question of when the best time is to replace your windows is that every season is a good one to make this change.

Why would you want to delay enjoying the many BENEFITS OF REPLACEMENTS WINDOWS, such as increased home value and enhanced beauty, comfort, and energy-efficiency? With all the upside new windows provide, there is no bad time to act. The sooner action is taken, the sooner all the benefits can be enjoyed. While each season has its nuances – minor pros and cons – the benefits far outweigh the minor considerations that might delay your decision. If you’ve done your research and chosen well (and are working with a reputable window company that offers high-quality products backed by a lifetime, transferable warranty), move forward with confidence that your investment will not only pay for itself over time in the form of lower energy bills, your new windows will improve your home’s appearance, comfort, and safety and you’ll enjoy the ability to easily open and close your windows, tilt them in for easy cleaning and much more.

Regardless of when you buy your replacement windows, look for a company that not only provides a complimentary professional window inspection by a qualified individual but also offers finance options and terms that meet your budget. Most of the larger, reputable window companies offer deferred interest options and low monthly payments that make any season a good one to invest in new windows.

Are new windows right for you? Here is what you should consider when buying replacement windows.

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