Easy Bathtub Remodeling

Get a New Bathtub Replacement to Fit your Style

Having at least one bathtub in your home provides the flexibility you need for your life, plus the style you want! When it’s time to remodel your bathroom, a new acrylic bathtub gives you a beautiful finish that’s guaranteed for easy cleaning, and won’t rust, crack, or peel. Improveit’s wide selection of bathtub styles and colors are all designed to insulate and retain heat so your bath stays warmer longer. Our five-star bathtub installation process lets you soak in style with a bathtub remodel that keeps you, your lifestyle, and your budget in mind. 

Bathtub Replacement is the best way to remodeling a bathtub
Shower Safety Bars and bathtub remodeling

The Cost of Bathtub Liners VS the cost of remodeling a bathtub

Considering a bathtub liner to help a new bathtub fit into your remodeling project? Be careful! Bathtub liners are notorious for covering up problems without solving them.

With a new replacement bathtub from Improveit, you’re guaranteed: 

  • Complete remodeling that solves underlying problems 
  • A waterproof installation with all new materials 

Your Bathtub Remodeling Questions, Answered

It’s Time to Learn More About Bathtub Remodeling Made Easy

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Different Bathtub Styles To Choose From!

Make a Splash with a New Bathtub

Scroll through our wide selection of bathtub styles and options below to start find the combination that’s perfect for you. On installation day, you’ll get a brand new bathtub, 100% manufactured in the USA, and custom-sized to fit your space exactly.

Bathtub remodeling Styles to Choose From

Our collection of seven bathtub styles means there’s one that works perfectly for your design vision.

Bathtub color options

Each of our seven bathtub styles is available in five colors. We recommend matching your tub to your other bathroom fixtures, such as your sink or toilet, for a congruent look and feel.  

Bathtub Wall Surround Color Options

Our extensive collection of wall colors lets you customize your new bathing space with the look of natural stone, marble, or a simple, neutral design. Choose from the most on-trend colors, and get the added benefit of an effortless finish that wipes clean with soap and water, plus a lifetime warranty! 

add a wall pattern

Each of our wall patterns can be used on any of the wall colors above. So that you can get the look you love.

Choose your line color

While we don’t use grout, we have an etched line to give the appearance of tile. Choose what color you prefer!

Complete your look

Why stop at replacing the tub? We offer a complete bathroom remodel including replacing your toilet, vanity, lighting and fixtures. We want to make sure your bathroom is exactly how you envisioned it so we partner with some of the best in the industry.

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