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How To: Throw a Memorial Day Party on a Budget

Feb 06, 2020

So you decided not to plan a trip for the long weekend, wanting instead to spend those 3 luxurious days solely relaxing. But, now you find yourself wondering why you’re the only one not talking about an exciting impending Memorial Day party and you feel a little left out. You make the spontaneous decision to invite a few friends over 

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Home Improvement Financing Options: A Great Way to Make an Investment in Your Home

Jan 02, 2019

If you’ve been considering replacing your drafty old windows or your outdated bathroom, you’re likely struggling with the big question: What will it cost? Unfortunately, there’s no simple, one-size-fits-all answer. Truth is, there are a wide variety of variables that affect replacement window costs and bathroom remodeling budgets. Before we dive into more on home improvement financing options, let’s consider 

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Top 5 Features Requested in a Bath Remodel

Nov 01, 2018

If you’re thinking about renovating your bathroom area, you’re not alone. The bathroom, after all, is the one room of the house besides the kitchen that suffers from a daily stream of hard use and constant traffic, which means that it’s likely to deteriorate faster than in any other area of the home. It’s no wonder then, that bathroom renovation 

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What Happens to Old Windows? – Upcycle Windows Project

Oct 18, 2018

You’ve made the choice to get rid of your old windows and join the club of homeowners who are securing the benefits of replacement windows. Congrats! You’re going to love them. Like many that came before you, you’re probably wondering – what happens to my old windows? Great question! Depending on the age of your home, the answer varies. IF 

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What’s the Difference Between Bay and Bow Windows?

Oct 16, 2018

One of the most commonly asked questions our team of window professionals at ImproveIt Home Remodeling gets from our customers has to do with two of our most popular and beautiful window models: BOW AND BAY WINDOWS. Most homeowners aren’t sure how to tell the difference between the two, as different as they are from each other. In reality, bay and 

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Improveit in the Community – October Events

Oct 08, 2018

OCTOBER 2018 FOLLOW IMPROVEIT TO FESTIVALS! – OCTOBER 2018 Hey. Hello. Hi! If you’re new here, welcome – if you’ve visited before, welcome to the all new Improveit in the Community blog series! We attend more than 120 events a year ranging from trade shows to street festivals in the communities that we serve throughout Ohio, Kentucky & Indiana. In 

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Discover the Benefits of Shower Conversion & Lose the Tub

Oct 04, 2018

Whether you simply don’t have time to spend relaxing in your bathtub or bathing in your traditional bath/shower combo has become uncomfortable or dangerous, a walk-in shower may be the perfect addition to your home. Not only is a tubless bathroom practical for those who aren’t interested in or can’t use a traditional tub, but it’s also becoming a more and more 

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The Best Time to Buy Replacement Windows

Oct 03, 2018

If you’re considering replacing your windows, among the many things you may be wondering is what’s the best time of year to make this investment. For many homeowners, thoughts of spring naturally evoke the desire for a fresh, clean start. Spring cleaning to-do list often expands from de-cluttering closets and having carpets cleaned to bigger projects, like replacement windows and 

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What to Consider When Buying Replacement Windows

Sep 25, 2018

When you’re in the market for replacement windows for your home, it’s tempting to look at your local big home improvement chain store for a solution. They’re likely in your neighborhood, or close enough to be generally convenient. Filled with many things you need to keep a home running smoothly and helpful associates, these superstores are goldmines of goodness. However, 

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Top 5 Reasons to Replace Your Windows Today

Sep 18, 2018

AS A HOMEOWNER, your windows are a big part of the investment you’ve made in your home. Whether you’ve lived in your home months or years, you may be wondering if it’s time to replace them. Perhaps there are visible signs, like broken locks or cracked glass, that are causing window safety concerns. Maybe your home isn’t as quiet as 

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Discover the Benefits of a Walk-In Tub for Yourself

Aug 20, 2018

We’re sure you’ve seen them before: those walk-in tubs with the high walls and watertight sealed doors. Maybe it looked useful, but you didn’t think you had a reason to get one at the time. You don’t have to have a prior medical need to own a walk-in bath, though. In fact, there are several benefits to installing accessible tubs 

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Complete Bathroom Remodeling Offered in Pataskala

Jul 27, 2018

Bathrooms are spaces too often neglected when it comes time for a renovation. Homeowners don’t want to deal with old fixtures or bad plumbing. And, it may be hard to imagine how much of a difference a bathroom remodel can make. You would be surprised at what is possible these days! ImproveIt Home Remodeling installers provide complete remodeling and conversion 

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