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Window Glass with a Clear Difference

Not all Low-E Glass is Created Equal

When you think of windows, you think of glass.

Glass comprises up to 86% of a window. It lets the light in, gives us a beautiful view, and provides a barrier against the weather. The only thing window glass can’t effectively protect against is heat transfer – until now.

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Window manufacturers know that stopping heat transfer is essential in providing an energy-efficient window. To do that, many manufacturers use low-e glass, which is window glass coated with multiple layers of UV protection that keeps the sun’s rays from penetrating into the home. But not all low-e glass is created equal. While most energy-efficient glass offerings feature two layers of protection, the Thermostat glass exclusively available in Performax54 windows features three low-e layers.


What does that mean? Thermostat glass makes Performax54 windows a true energy-efficiency workhorse with 50% more energy efficiency than standard low-e windows. That translates to energy savings that goes right into your pocket!

Smart Window Glass Saves You Money Year-Round

The secret of the three low-e coatings on Thermostat glass is silver-metallic oxide. Applied in microscopically thin layers, the silver component works like a mirror to redirect solar radiation. These high-tech coatings work differently depending on the season.

Here’s how:

Summer Benefits

Reflects short-wave radiation
away from the house
Reduces the amount of solar radiation entering your home
Allows your home to stay more comfortable without over working the A/C
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Winter Benefits

Allows low-angle solar energy to transmit through the window and into the home
Supplements the heating system by allowing warmth from the sun to reduce the load on the heating system
Reflects long-wave radiation inside the home (from the heating system) back into the room
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Thermostat Smart Window Glass
Maximizes Your Energy Savings

50% More

UV protection

70% More

Energy Efficiency
in Summer

54% More

Energy Efficiency
in Winter

Learn More About Performax54’s Exclusive
Components & Technology

Window Sashes that
Block Drafts Better

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Your Energy Efficiency

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