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designed for performance

Thermostat Glass

What do you do when the biggest component of your products is also the one that presents the most challenges? For windows, that’s the glass, and at ImproveIt, it’s a matter of engineering the material into the best version of itself.  

When you think of windows, you think of glass.

Glass comprises up to 86% of a window. It lets the light in, gives us a beautiful view, and provides a barrier against the weather. But heat is the one thing glass can’t protect against – until now.

With standard glass, heat easily transfers through the material. On a hot summer day, radiant heat will pour into your cool living room, increasing your indoor air temperature and forcing you to spend more money on air conditioning. In the winter, the process reverses. You turn on the furnace and that heat immediately moves toward the cool windows, conducting through the glass and escaping to the chilly outdoor air.

bedroom window
casement window in kitchen

Stop constantly adjusting the thermostat!

ImproveIt’s Performax54 windows use high-tech Thermostat glass to minimize energy loss from radiation and conduction, saving you money.

So how does Thermostat glass work?

To improve performance, window manufacturers use glass with Low-e (or “low-emissivity”) coatings. Most glass has two layers of Low-e coating, but Thermostat glass has three, making it a true energy-efficiency workhorse with 50% more protection against UV radiation. Compared to standard Low-e windows, Performax54 windows are:

  • 54% more efficient in the winter
  • 70% more efficient in the summer

silver makes it smarter

All three Low-e coatings on Thermostat glass use silver-metallic oxide. You already know about the importance of silver on glass in your daily life. Glass coated with silver becomes a mirror! Mirrors are great for reflectivity, so to leverage this in our Thermostat glass, we manipulate the silver at the molecular level, and apply it to the glass in three microscopically thin layers. The result is glass designed to perform its best in our Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana climate.

Here’s how:

What Thermostat Glass Does
How This Helps In Our Climate


Reflects short-wave radiation from the sun away from the house in the summer. 

Reduces the amount of heat transmitting into your home in the summer, so your home stays comfortable without overworking your A/C. 


Reflects long-wave radiation inside your home (from your furnace or heating system) back into the room in the winter.

Reduces the amount of heat escaping through your windows, improving the efficiency of your heating system. 


Allows free solar energy to transmit through the window in the winter. 

Supplements your heating system by allowing warmth from the sun to enter the home (in winter only, not in summer) to further improve your home’s energy efficiency. 


Every Performax54 window features Thermostat glass: an insulated glazing unit created by sandwiching our exclusive SolarGold spacer between two panes of glass with three layers of Low-e coating. This insulated glazing unit is encased and protected by our C-Core Reinforced sashes, which ride smoothly in the T-Core Insulated Frame. Altogether, these four components – the glass, spacer, sash, and frame – make up every replacement window out there, but only the Performax54 offers the best available materials for each component.

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