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Protecting You from Window Seal Failure

Window spacers feature some of a window’s most high-tech science, and yet window manufacturers rarely discuss them. Why? Because with all the facts laid out, it becomes easy to spot window companies that don’t invest in the best window spacer technology, putting you at risk for expensive window seal failures and energy loss.  

At Improveit, we want you to make an informed window-buying decision. With that in mind, here’s a little Window Spacers 101.  

What Are Spacers in Windows?

In dual-pane windows like Performax54, your window glass is actually a box called an “insulated glazing unit” or IGU. The IGU has three main components:  

  • Two glass panes. These serve as the top and bottom of the box. 
  • Window spacers. Narrow, insulating strips that evenly separate the glass panes and create the box’s other four sides. 
  • Inert gas. Argon or krypton gas that fills the IGU box to boost the energy efficiency.  
Window Spacers

At the edges of the IGU, window spacers create a tight seal that serves three very important jobs:

Improveit & the SolarGold Spacer Protect You From Window Seal Failure

Windows go through a lot of stress as houses expand, contract, and settle with the seasons, and that stress can cause window seals to break. Broken window seals negate much of your window’s energy efficiency, and allow for moisture intrusion in the IGU. This is bad, it usually happens within 5 to 7 years of having new windows, and often can’t be repaired. 

Window condensation on single pane window glass

To protect you from the costs of broken window seals, Performax54 windows feature the top-of-the-line SolarGold spacer.

You won’t find this technology anywhere else. Here’s how it excels: 
  • Flexibility. Made from a high-density oxygenated silicon desiccant, the SolarGold spacer is flexible, allowing it to withstand seasonal movement without breaking.  
  • Absorption. The same desiccant material also absorbs residual moisture, preventing fogging and condensation between the glass panes.  
  • Insulation. Three hollow channels run the length of the SolarGold spacer. This unique Air Cell technology is exclusive to Improveit and maximizes warm-edge glass temperatures to reduce heat transfer. 
  • Prevention. A radiant vapor barrier sheathing around the spacer further prevents moisture intrusion and heat transfer at the edges of the glass.  
  • Sealing. A dual-seal process to affix the SolarGold spacer to the IGU ensures the spacer stays in place under any conditions.   
Metal Window Spacer
Swiggle Spacer causes seal failure
Solargold Window Spacer warm edge spacer

Compared with spacers you’ll find in other replacement windows, the exclusive SolarGold spacer performs 72% better at sealing your window against energy loss. And to show our confidence in this exceptional product, Improveit backs its Performax54 windows and the SolarGold spacer with a No Seal Failure guarantee as part of our lifetime window warranty. From broken window seals to broken glass, Improveit will take care of your windows for life. It’s all part of our commitment to replacement windows designed for a lifetime of maximum performance. 

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