Bath & Shower Accessories

Bathroom accessories are the finishing touches of a Complete Bathroom Remodel

Your bathroom is more than just the bathtub and shower. Take this opportunity to make the space your own! Our partnership with the industry’s best bath and shower accessories brands ensure your have a complete bathroom remodel with high-quality, complementary fixtures and finishes. Our design consultants are ready to help you mix and match a variety of bathroom and shower accessories to create your dream bathroom. 

Bathroom Vanities


The Personality Starts Here

A key element in your bathroom, we offer a beautifully curated selection of bathroom vanities from Williams Vanities to match your style. Pair each one with your favorite Vanity Top.

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Faucet & Fixtures

Durable Finishing Touches

The crowning touch of your complete bathroom remodel, fixture options range from clean and classic to rich and statement-making. Facuets are available in centerset, widespread, and single-lever options.

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Beautiful Reflections

Mirrors and medicine cabinets don’t have to be boring any longer. Choose from our hand-selected array of beautiful and functional options to match your personal style for a flawless, complete bathroom remodel.

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Vanity Tops

Quartz & Marble Surfaces

Easy to clean Essence and Urbana vanity tops come in a beautiful collection of natural tones that blend with your design vision. Mix and match with available options from our Vanities collection. 

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Pedestal Sinks

Classic Touches

Pedestal sinks are a timeless combination of form and function. Proving high style with a space-saving footprint, multiple colors and design options are available to complement the look of your new bathroom.

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Stylish & Bright 

We offer lighting in many different styles to make sure we have something to fit your vision. From industrial to edgy, we will work with you to bring your vision to life.

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Comfort & Beauty

American Standard Toilets set the standard of quality and performance with top-rated technology and revolutionary systems. Using less water with each flush, they save more water and are environmentally friendly. Available in elongated or round.

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Safety Seats

Convenient & Safe For All

Whatever your needs, ImproveIt has a shower seat that will let you and your family bathe safely and comfortably, and even add a little extra luxury to your day.

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Grab Bars

Safety & Stability

When you work with ImproveIt, your accessible bathroom can be customized exactly how you want it, even down to the locations of the grab bars. We can place them in many locations and offer six unique styles to fit your custom bathroom design and taste.

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Low Profile Showers

Inclusive Design

For low-threshold walk-in showers, we offer a barrier-free base that sits flush with your flooring, or a low-barrier ramp with an entry incline you can customize to your needs. All our showers are completely customizable to create the shower of your dreams.

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Hand-Held Shower Head

Accessible Fixtures

Our hand-held shower offers flexible showerhead positioning and are easy for anyone to adjust to their needs. Simply slide the showerhead to your preferred height anywhere on the 36-inch slide bar.

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Bath & Kitchen Flooring

Waterproof & Durable

LVT and LVP flooring are perfect for bathrooms and kitchens due to their durability, water resistance, and style options. They withstand moisture and spills in bathrooms while providing a comfortable feel underfoot. In kitchens, they offer easy maintenance and are resistant to spills, making them ideal for high-traffic areas.

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