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Whether your shower washes away the dirt or the stress of the day, shower seats can elevate your experience. Choose from built-in shower benches and seats that match your shower surround, folding shower seat or teak shower bench, or tub bench transfer seats. An Improveit design expert can help you choose the best shower seat for your needs.  

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Should I Include a built-in shower Bench in My Shower?

When you’re remodeling a bathroom, shower benches are an option you definitely don’t want to overlook! From built-in shower benches that match your shower surround, to a folding shower seat or portable bench shower seat, Improveit offers numerous shower benches to work with your bathroom design. Shower benches are a fantastic option for adding an accessible or safe bathing option to your shower, but are also great for anyone who likes to truly relax and rejuvenate while showering. As a popular design feature, adding a shower bench is guaranteed to bring safety, convenience, and style to your bath remodel.  

Choose the Shower Seat Right for You

Whether you’re looking for safety or convenience, don’t sacrifice style! We have shower chairs and shower benches to fit every style and color scheme.  

Built-In Shower Benches

Built-In Folding Shower Seat

Specialty & Transfer Shower Seats

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You’ve picked out your seat, now complete the package with a new toilet, vanity or add in some grab bars for increased safety. We offer a complete bathroom remodel and want to make sure that your bathroom is exactly how you envisioned it.

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