C-Core Reinforced
Window Sash
What is a window sash

The Benefits of a Reinforced Window Sash

What is a Window Sash?

When you go to “open the window,” it’s the window sash you’re working with. As the operable portion of your window, the window sash houses and protects the window’s insulated glazing unit (IGU), and moves in one direction inside the window frame: vertically for double-hung windows, horizontally for sliders, or on a hinge in the case of crank-out windows like casements or awnings.

This directional movement is important. Window sashes need to stay square and true in order to properly seat within the window frame for a tight seal against drafts and energy loss. Unlike sashes in other vinyl windows, the C-Core Reinforced Sash in Improveit’s Performax54 windows features rigid construction so you’ll never have to worry that your window sash will warp, bow, or move in any other direction than it’s intended to. 

What is a Window sash
C-core reinforced sash for the best reinforced windows

Meet Our C-Core Reinforced Sash

The strength of our C-Core Reinforced Sash comes from engineered PVC composite material extruded specifically to fit the geometry of our window frame. The precise combination of polymer formula and structural shape means our sashes won’t sag, bow, or warp. This protects the IGU and yields a 76% tighter sash to block drafts from entering your home. 

The C-Core Reinforced Sash also feature impressive insulation properties. Like our T-Core insulated frame, The C-Core Reinforced Sash is fully insulated to reduce heat loss through the Performax54 vinyl components.   

Window Sashes

What if I Have a Broken Window Sash?

Many of a home’s building components expand and contract over time as they’re exposed to seasonal temperature changes. This is especially true with wood framing, but can also affect vinyl components like window frames and sashes. The more movement a sash experiences, the more likely it is to lose its structural integrity. A window sash that’s over-exposed to expansion and contraction can become warped or brittle depending on the conditions.

This results in a number of potential problems:



A warped sash can cause seal failure in the IGU, which dramatically reduces the window’s energy efficiency, and invites moisture intrusion that causes irreparable fogging and condensation between the panes.



A warped window sash will no longer move properly within the window frame. This makes the window difficult to open and close, and can cause drafts to form if the sash can no longer fit tightly in the frame when closed.



Window sashes that become warped or brittle with age and exposure are susceptible to cracking and breakage. Cracked, splitting sashes will not operate properly, and are likely to cause drafty, inefficient windows.

Improveit customers are protected from all of these problems! Our transferrable lifetime warranty ensures that if your Performax54 windows ever warp, sag, or bow, we’ll take care of it.  

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