All replacement windows are not created equal, so how do you know which ones are right for you? We've created a list of 5 need-to-know aspects about your windows.  Whether you're in the market for new windows or you aren't sure if your current windows are doing their job, asking these 5 questions can help educate you on what really matters, and if it’s time to take action. 

1. Are your windows mass-produced?

It's great to appeal to the masses, if you are McDonalds. It is not great to be a generic "one size fits all" window. Your replacement windows should be custom-fitted to your home, because if they're not-- pulling and stretching to get a window to fit can eventually cause structural damage to your house. Plus, ill-fitting windows means gaps around the frame and wall opening, which allows hot air in and cool air out. Result? Energy loss that causes inflated heating and cooling bills.

2. Are your windows made to deal with your particular (and fickle) weather?

The winter months in the Midwest are a lot different than those in Florida, so having your replacement windows be custom-climatized for the area in which you live is not only crucial for comfort, but also for energy savings.

3. Do your windows know the difference between winter and summer?

The height of the sun differs in the  summer from the winter so your windows need to know how to react!  Thermally-balanced glass adjusts with the seasons, knowing what to do with the energy from the sun during different seasons.

4.  Are there small gaps in your window frames?

An average 3' x 5'  window with a 1/16" gap all the way around is the equivalent to having a hole the size of the brick in your wall. That's just one window with one gap. Think about how much heat (or air) is lost through a  house with 20 (or even 10) gap-riddled! Our T-CORE heat fusion and reinforced frame is designed to last for a lifetime.

5. Are your window spacers made out of metal?

Metal is a conductor, and is responsible for the transfer of heat and cold which is not something you want in a window. Our SolarGold Spacers are made out of non-conductive material that virtually elminates condensation, and doesn't allow moisture for mold growth, giving you a healthier home to live in.

If you're ready to take action, or just learn more about our award-winning technology used in our replacement windows, email us: or give us a call for a free no-obligation quote at 1.800.ROOM.NOW

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