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Pleasure Ridge Park Bathroom Remodeling Company

Has stained grout and mildew growth in your tub or shower made it nearly impossible to clean your bathroom effectively? Improveit Home Remodeling is the premier choice for high-quality Pleasure Ridge Park bathroom remodeling solutions! Not only are our bath products are stylish, durable, and functional, they are also made in the USA and backed by the Good Housekeeping Seal. For affordable, efficient bathroom remodeling from a team dedicated to superior customer care, we invite you to choose from our popular services, including:

  • Bathtub Systems
  • Shower Systems
  • Walk-In Tubs
  • Walk-In Showers

Custom-Made Bathtub Systems

Does your bathtub reflect your style and personality? If not, it’s time to talk to the pros at Improveit about our bathroom improvement solutions! We can quickly and efficient transform your bathroom with a custom-made bathtub system that fits your existing space—without breaking the bank!

Innovative Shower Systems

If you think a shower remodel is out of your price range, think again! Our innovative shower systems are built using high-quality, durable vinyl and are customizable with your style, needs, and budget in mind. From wall surrounds and replacement shower bases to complete shower systems, you can create a shower you’ll enjoy for years to come.

Walk-In Tubs to Age in Place Safely

You can age safely in place with our stylish and comfortable walk-in tubs. Featuring slip-resistant flooring, ADA-compliant seating, leak-proof doors, and a variety of accessories, you can enjoy a warm, relaxing bath anytime—without the worry of dangerous slips and falls in your bathroom.

Luxurious Walk-In Showers

Traditional showers can be difficult and dangerous for those with limited mobility. Our convenient and comfortable walk-in showers eliminate the risks that come with stepping over a high tub wall. Built of high-quality, durable vinyl that is mold and mildew resistant, you’ll spend more time enjoying your walk-in shower and less time cleaning!

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Stop spending hours trying to clean your old, outdated bathroom! For superior bathroom remodeling in Louisville, trust a company with an A+ rating from the BBB to create the bathroom you’ve always imagined—Improvit Home Remodeling! Call us today to speak with one of our friendly bathroom designers or fill out our simple online form to request a free, no-obligation, down-to-the-penny quote that’s guaranteed for one full year.