Unless your house is the new set for a remake of Hokus Pokus, having spooky scary windows is not the hot new thing. There's a definite line between terrifying and not sparkling new. Seeing the terrified faces of your neighbors should be a dead giveaway that you, my friend, have crossed the line into terrifying. But sometimes we can't rely on our neighbors to be so transparent, so your treat from us this Halloween is a list of 5 tricks to spot spooky windows.

1. Hard to Operate

If you can't open (or close) your windows, whether it be from poorly functioning tracks or mistakenly being painted shut, that's one point for spooky. And, 0 points for safety! Seriously, not safe!

double hung 2 Easy-to-use latch keys allow the breeze to come in whenever you need it














2. A Pain to Clean

We're betting if you can't tilt your windows in to clean the outward-facing side, then it's probably been awhile since that side has been cleaned. No judgement here. We wouldn't be climbing up ladders outside to clean them either.  But, just so we're all on the same page: if something hasn't been cleaned in years, it's probably filthy. Just sayin'.

double hung windows Double-hung windows allow for easy cleaning















If it constantly looks like it's raining outside, but it's not- you either have a condensation problem or somebody played a trick on you. Assuming it's the former, your home might be dubbed as the sweaty kid on the block. 

condensation windows It might be fun to write love notes on your windows, but condensation is a big problem.















4.Harmful Bacteria & Mold

Not really needing an explanation, mold and bacteria can be harmful to your eyes yes, but more importantly to your health. What are we up to now? Four for spooky, another 0 for safety? Yikes. 

mold vinyl Moisture is mold's best friend. Making sure your windows are sealed tightly is your best bet to keep both out.
















5.Winter Humidity & Fogging:

If ice is forming on the inside of your house, it's probably time to reevaluate your window situation. You may not care about scaring the neighbors from the exterior view, but now you've made friends that you invite inside of your home extremely uncomfortable. And cold. 

Vinyl Ice Spacer Gone Bad Got spacers? Guess not.














Did you get five out of five? Don't fret! The best thing about having spooky windows is that you can only go up from here. Call it an excuse to get shiny and new!