Easter is this Sunday and boy are we pumped. Why? Well, candy of course. But it's also the first official holiday of the Spring season! Mother Nature's pallette has changed from dark and dreary to bright and bold and the Easter Bunny is hopping with delight.

If you're ready to follow his lead and introduce some color into your home, let's start with the room that should be the most up-lifting: the bathroom. It is, for many, the first room you enter in the morning. Kick those half open eyes and zombie- like movements to the curb with a lively, cheerful bathroom.  Introduce spring-inspired hues to achieve a rejuvinated look (and you), but follow our suggestions below to avoid looking like you time-machined your way back to the 90's.


Representing compassion, nurture and love, there's a good reason why this hue is often incorporated in homes. A great way to use it wisely in your bathroom is to treat it as the sidekick of color (like in the shower curtain and use of flowers on the vanity) instead of the main show.  If you're going to go for pink walls, use neutral colors -- like the white shown to the right --for everything else.  There is such thing as too much pink, guys, and the proof is in the picture to the left. There's no easier way to say "outdated" than an Easter-egg colored tub! You have to draw the colored line somewhere.

outdated pink bathroom cute pink bathroom decor












A universally-liked color, blue is associated with calmness and serenity which is why it works so well in a bathroom. Start your day off on the right foot by pairing a deep blue hue with a white tub and sink. Top it off with earthy accents and you've got that refreshing feeling you've been craving. To avoid going out of style, only colorize what can be changed easily and regularly, like walls, trim and accent pieces. If you keep your sink/vanity and tub/shower in neutral hues that stand through fading trends, your life will be a lot easier. And a lot more stylish.


outdated blue bathroom blue accent wall in bathroom













An instant mood-lifter, yellow just makes you want to smile but it's a difficult color to decorate with. In efforts not go permanently blind, choose an accent wall (or half walls) to wallpaper like pictured on the right. To tone down the color, incorporate greys, whites and blacks (sparingly) to your design. These colors offer warmth in darker shades leaving your bathroom inviting and bright, without it screaming in your face. The yellow wall tile and tub below is not only out of style, but it has faded over time which makes the dirt and mold easier to see. Never want to see mold again? You don't have to when your bathtub is made with Never-Grout material which doesn't support bacteria or mold growth.


bathroom remodel columbus ohio cute yellow bathroom remodel columbus ohio














Growth, harmony and freshness explain it all. Green is a color of a fresh start,(unless of course it's in the form of a bathtub. Then it's the color of the 90's and is begging for an update! )When used with browns and tans, green becomes a color of bliss. You feel connected, but relaxed and balanced all at the same time. The addition of green beadboard (right)is a great way to add color without sacrificing the integrity of actual bathroom necessities, ie. sink & tub. The lighter wall paint on top complements it's lower half, making the entire room extremely soothing. (We're going to pretend like that vanity on the left doesn't even exist). mint green bathroom remodel columbus ohio green beadboard bathroom remodel columbus ohio












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