The need for a safe and comfortable bath experience is at an all-time high as a big chunk--76  million to give you an idea-- of the American population (our beloved Baby Boomers) age, but let's face it, style is usually sacrificed for safety. 

Helmets, knee pads, mouth guards? We've never seen those on a fashion runway, but we reluctantly wear them because they will protect us from injury and we've heard the ol' saying, 'Better safe than sorry', enough. But now you don't have to walk on the wild side just to show off your great taste. Walk-in tubs have come a long way from when they were first introduced in the 60's, in both style and technology. Check out the benefits and beauty they now have to offer:

Independence, Safety & Comfort

Maybe your agility isn't what it once was, or you or a loved one suffered from a fall at home and now getting in and out of your current bath is too difficult to do on your own. A walk-in bath has a door that makes entering and exiting a cinch, a  comfortable seat to sit in and a grab bar for even more stability. The safety features and easy design make gaining your independence back-- or keeping it for years to come-- a possibility again! The best part? You can design your own tub to fit your personality!

benefits of  walk-in tubs Sit down, stand up or lay down. These tubs let you decide.















And you thought only drinking water was beneficial. Water also does the body good from the outside! Soaking in a warm bath can  help relieve pressure on joints, ligaments and muscles that may ache, aid to arthritis symptoms and alleviate back pain. But if your mobility is compromised this may be easier said than done if you don't have an easily-accessible tub.

benefits of walk-in tubs Choose your jet settings to customize your relaxation


Improved Quality of Life

Designed to prevent injuries from falls and slips, walk-in tubs can help enhance your overall quality of life by reducing potential accidents.  Sleeping problems? Studies have shown that soaking in a tub for 20 minutes about an hour before you head to bed can ready your body and mind for sleep, meaning no harmful sleep aids! Soaking in the tub also improves circulation, reduces stress and high blood pressure.

stylish walk-in tubs Safety never looked so stylish


Disabilities or injuries used to stand in the way of comfortably staying in your home while aging, but they don't have to anymore. Incorporating universal designs like  walk-in tubs that have  adaptable and safe features, AND let you show your style means homeowners can continue to grow old in the house that they love with peace of mind.


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