Winter is [hopefully] coming to an end and boy are we stoked. Once you get past February –aka the month of doom—it’s smooth sailin’ from there. Temperatures start rising, and oddly enough, so do moods in general.

We're finally rounding the corner and are just about to close the chapter on what seemed like the worst winter in history (don’t we say that every winter? But seriously, this one was brutal). As a giant pat on the back for making it through, we’ve compiled a list of must-haves for March. You’ve earned it.

An outdoor project

Clean up your backyard, rent a power washer and spray down your dirty deck—find any excuse to get outside. After the winter we’ve had, take advantage of any and all warm days. Not ready to fix the mess that the elements have made? Find an indoor project you’ve been putting off for the past year and take it outside. That old distressed chair you’ve had in the basement since '09’? Make a plan to re-finish it underneath the sun where the paint fumes won’t go to your head and the Vitamin D will.

A weekend away ohio road map weekend getaway

Without 4 wheel drive or cancelled flights because the roads & runways are covered in ice. Go visit the friends in Chicago you’ve been promising to see, or get a cabin in the woods and go hiking. You’ve been cooped up for too many months, it’s really got to stop.

An energy consultation

March means maybe, just maybe, we can open our utility bills without wanting to faint. If your wallet has taken a beating this winter, consider an in-home energy audit--for FREE. An expert will evaluate your home and find out ways to reduce its carbon footprint- AND your utility bills. Maybe it’s your insulation, or your drafty windows that have been letting unwanted air in. If so, knowing it before summer comes rolling through with blistering heat will allow enough time to make the changes your wallet is begging for.

Splurge on some peonies ohio flowers for march

Or calla lillies, hydrangeas, tulips-- all Spring blooming flowers that are better cultivated in cooler climates, such as Ohio.  Wake up your window boxes, front porch or living room by planting or potting some fresh and brightly-colored flowers. There's a reason why bright colors are synonomous with happy colors!


There are two very heavily-celebrated holidays in March that are usually accompanied with a parade and a whole lot of people. Whether you're into beads, shamrocks or both-- find a way to celebrate a little differently this year. Check out your city's events page and find something off the beaten path, like learning how to make traditional Fat Tuesday fare food at The Franklin Park Conservatory in Columbus. Be adventurous!

Spring cleaning double hung windows easy clean replacement

A staple event in most peoples' lives. Get rid of all of that stuff you've been staring at (and not using) every day while being snowed in. Find a donation drop box near your home or arrange for a pick up. Finally ready to get rid of those old, drafty or broken windows? Give us a call and not only will we take them off of your hands, but we'll pay you for them during our “Cash for Windows March 2014 Promotion”. It’s a limited time offer and some restrictions apply, so contact us today for more details at or 1-800-ROOM-NOW