We know that leaving the lights on in every room of your house, or running the air conditioner non-stop for an entire summer (and sometimes half of fall) is going to smack you in the face when your utility bills inevitably arrive. Most of us make a conscious effort to dial it down on the energy-usage meter in order  to protect ourselves from sticker shock next month, and it probably works. But are you missing some important areas of your home that are serious energy offenders? Below you'll find a list of 5  little-known, energy-sucking culprits that are likely costing you money.

1. Your Chimney energy saving tips










Noticed a draft in your living room (or whichever room your fireplace is located)? It's because your chimney lets cold air in during the winter and hot air in during the summer.. a lot of it. ( It's a giant hole in your ceiling after all). What can you do to fix the unwanted air flow? Capping it will prevent any further air from coming in or out, but it will also prevent you from future use.  Why not try a chimney balloon which is designed to help block air flow, or a a fireplace shield that can be inserted and removed as you please.


2.  Small loads of laundry energy saving tips        

Bigger is better. Wait until you have full load of laundry before you start that washing machine. Washing one full load as opposed to two smaller loads substantially cuts down on the energy used  not only to heat your water, but also to power your washing machine. Who woulda thought?

3. Space. energy saving tips








No, not that kind of space. The other space. Like the kind between the door and the floor, or the window and the wall.   The more space there is, the more air there is getting in from outside. That unwanted air flow is going to change the temperature of your home, causing your air conditioner (or heater) to work harder. If you're unsure about your space size-- is it too big?-- get a free energy evaluation from experts that know the answer to that question and will offer solutions.

4.  An empty attic. energy saving tips

Don't worry, we're not going to make you clean out your attic. By empty, we mean without insulation. Non-insulated attics are robbing you - they're guilty of letting energy and money escape right out from under your nose (and wallet)!

5. Bare windows.    energy saving tips              







Window treatments like curtains or blinds absorb the temperature from outside, helping you feel more comfortable inside. That being said, window treatments aren't going to single-handedly keep the weather out. If your windows aren't made with solar technology and insulated frames, don't be surprised if you don't notice a different after hanging curtains. A bad window with a great curtain is still a bad window! Unsure if your window is a bad window? We can help.