Most of us can agree that there's something to be said about that feeling you get from a clean house: There's really nothing like it. Unless that clean house smells like bleach and chemicals.

More and more homeowners are becoming aware of the harsh chemicals in mainstream cleaning products and are wisely looking for alternative green solutions. Not only do homemade cleaners and solutions do their jobs naturally, they also consist of many household items you probably have in your cabinets now. No more spending that hard-earned money on expensive cleaners! Not to mention, many can be made with your choice of essential oil additions. This means you get to experiment with scents--or a combination of scents--to find the perfect one for you!

We've done some research (thank you, Pinterest!) on alternatives to common household cleaners and solutions and have compiled a list of our picks for best homemade cleaners for each room and/or area in your home.

Hardwood Floors :
  • Real hardwood floors are a big selling point (and conversation-starter!) in a home, but require proper care and maintenance to keep them looking spectacular. We know that life happens and scratches and nicks are inevitable, but don't throw in the towel just yet! This homemade solution can fill in the gaps, making these little blemishes dissappear.
homemade solutions for each room   What you'll need: 

- A small spray bottle

- Vinegar

- Water

- Baking soda

- Sponge

Fill your spray bottle with a 50/50 solution of vinegar and water. Sprinkle baking soda over the scratch or nick; spray with solution and scrub with sponge! 



  • On average, we spend over 819,000 minutes in the bathroom (that's like, 13,650 episodes of Grey's Anatomy) and it shows. One of the dirtiest places in the house-- what with all of the moisture, makeup, and mildew-, the last thing we need is to spray heavily-toxic cleaners in there! This homemade solution is not only antibacterial and antiviral, it also works on mirros and windows!
easy to clean bath systems What if you never had to scrub the tub again? Click for more info. What you'll need:

- Spray bottle

-  Thyme oil (a natural disinfectant)

-  Water

-  Orange or lemon rinds,-- or 10 drops of your favorite essential oil to make it smell fresh & invigorating!

Fill spray bottle with 1 part thyme and 8 parts water, spray surfaces, tubs and fixtures and wipe clean. Let the solution dry thorougly. *Turn on exhaust fan when cleaning with thyme. We told you it's powerful!





Undoubtedly the most important space to keep cleaners with harsh chemicals away from is the kitchen, what with all of the eating and drinking that goes on in there. But, it's also super important to disinfect daily -- lucky for us all, the two aren't mutually exclusive. You can use a disinfectant cleaner without using toxic chemicals to get spotless counters and the peace of mind that there is no leftover bacteria lingering. White vinegar and baking soda naturally kill food germs and bacteria, while the lemon (or orange) leaves behind a fresh citrus scent.

green cleaning solutions    What you'll need:

- Spray bottle

- Baking soda

- White Vinegar

- Lemon

- Water

Combine 4 cups water with 2 Tbsp baking soda and 1/2 cup of white vinegar, squeeze in half of lemon (or orange if you prefer!) and go ahead and drop the rind in there for a more invigorating scent. Shake well and get your clean on! 



Where you unwind, the bedroom should be relaxing and calming. Need help slowing your mind down? This homemade aromatherpy spray made with lavendar (a naturally relaxing essential oil) will do the trick. The great thing about this spray is that you can trade out scents by the day if you wish! There are dozens of essential oils that can be swapped into this recipe (you can even test them at the store before you commit!). It can also be used as an all-over-the-house air freshener!

uses of lavender oil What you'll need:

- Spray bottle

- Distilled water

- High-proof vodka

- Lavender essential oil (or pick your fave!)

Add 2 oz of vodka to 12 oz distilled water into spray bottle; top off with 20 drops of the essential oil of your choice. Shake gently and go! 



Sometimes even the heaviest amount of cleaning can't do the trick. If you're over trying to scrub your tub or shower clean , give us a call @ or get a free quote that is good for an entire year, here!