The season of backyard barbecues is about to be in full swing! The days of being shoulder-to-shoulder in a stuffy kitchen are over (for a few months at least!).  Your friends and family can enjoy the luxury of fresh air and wide open spaces soon enough. First, we have to spruce things up back there. Below are 4 easy outdoor projects that will transform your outdoors and have all your guests talking.

Paint a door (front door, barn door, detached garage door-- or all three!)

This painstakingly easy project that will make your home look rejuvenated. Popular door colors that look sleek instead of silly? Purple, red and dark blue! If your front door is too far gone that even the brightest of bright colors can't distract visitors away from it's lack of ability to close all of the way? Replace it! Not only can you get almost 100% of the cost back (96.6% to be exact), but safety and security will no longer be an issue for you or your guests!

colorful-front-doors-purple-door This purple door is totally worth the risk. Picking a complementary color to green makes this choice the perfect one.

Rent a power washer from your local Home Depot or Lowes. (Or borrow from a friend or neighbor for free!)

If you're going to do one thing this Spring, make it be this. Sometimes a little power wash on your deck saves you a lot of time, money and headaches. Instead of hiring someone to stain the worn-down wood, it may just need a good wash (Exhibit A: the picture below). You'd be surprised at what a little clean up can do to really brighten up your exterior.

deck-before-after It looks a whole new wood was added, when in fact, it was just cleaned!

Update your fixtures on and around your doors.

One of the most over-looked updates which, coincidentally, has one of the biggest impacts is to focus on the fixtures. Looking for a good conversation-starter? Update your address numbers for a completely unique twist!

front door For a fresh look: add new lighting hardware, address numbers and door knocker.

Don't forget about lighting, because as much as we don't want it to, the sun will eventually go down.

Don't cut a party short because of the darkness! Add string lights to a fence for a festive look. Get some tiki torches to line your deck or yard with that double as light and mosquito bite prevention, or get a large basin and fill it water and tea lights for an interesting focal point!

Go one decorating step forward and hollow out apples to place your tea lights in! Go one decorating step further and hollow out apples to place your tea lights in!


Can't have a party without grub. Check out our favorite barbecue recipe of the season-- perfect for parties!

best barbecue recipe No plates required and perfect for large gatherings! (click the pic for the recipe!)