The holidays are officially behind us and a brand new year is in full swing. It’s funny how we start off each year with resolutions that, more often than not, involve taking something away from ourselves: Fast food, soda, carbs, spending money-- we could go on forever.

Here at Improveit!, we’re not focused on giving up bad habits - instead we’re just going to adopt better ones. Below are a few of our favorite "good habits"  for 2014.

Save some money, honey!

Doors, windows and insulation can be the culprits of escaped energy Doors, windows and insulation can be the culprits of escaped energy

AND help the planet at the same time. To put it simply: the less energy your home is producing, the less money you are spending. Oh, and the less damage you’re causing the environment. Doesn’t that feel good?

A good way to make sure your home isn’t over-producing energy is to hinder its ability to escape. (What’s the point of heating your air if that air is leaving through your drafty windows?) According to Owens Corning, a whopping 40% of your home’s heat can escape out of your ceiling alone! You can get a free –yes, it’s FREEin-home energy audit to find out if that’s happening and what solutions there are to stop it.

Another way to save money is by unplugging appliances & devices to prevent wasted electricity from flowing. This may seem like a hassle but trust us, the trouble is worth the missing dollar signs $$ on your next electric bill! BUT, if you still don’t want to commit to unplugging cords, start with a u-socket.  Good only for devices with USB cables, it turns off automatically after your fav. devices are fully charged.


Be Trendy

luxury shower Not only does it look sleek, but a shower uses space efficiently

Don't let another year pass you and your remodeling project by. No better time than the start of a New Year to get your home looking like you actually do live in this century. Now is the time to commit to updates you’ve been putting off for so long. An easy way to begin is to find a small trend that makes a big impact. A huge one in 2014?  Lose the tub and focus on your shower. Tub-to-shower conversions are more popular than ever and are super practical if you have more than one bathroom in your home. They scream luxury and are a lot easier to maintain.

Want to read about more remodeling trends for 2014? Get them here!



Build better relationships

If 2014 looks like the year for your home, let us help! A home renovation is considered to be stressful by most homeowners and we'd like to change that.  We do what we do and are successful at it because of our customers and community. This year is all about keeping our relationships strong with both. Not to brag or anything, but we were recently named the Consumers Choice Award® winner for the 12 consecutive year in the Home Improvement Contractors category! This is a big deal because our customers nominated and voted for us based on how much they trust and value our company. So, we want to thank all of you for holding us in as high of a regard as we do you!  For more information about the CCA, click here!

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