Whether you’re starting to feel the pressure of seeing your in-laws, or simply want to impress your guests, here are some tips (that have nothing to do with cooking) to make Thanksgiving stress-free. 

Yes, yes, we know if you’re hosting turkey day, the main thing is to get the food right --or at least edible. But, what about all of the other stresses that come with having a house full of people?  Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Start off on the right foot. Don’t give your guests anything but perfection the minute they park the car.  Create a welcoming first impression by focusing on the outside of your home. Amp up your curb appeal by cleaning up those old leaves in your yard and gutters. Your in-laws don’t need any more ammunition, do they?

I'm thankful for

Thanksgiving is a great time for tradition. Here’s one of our favs: During the meal  place pieces of small paper that say, “I’m thankful for…” in your dinner rolls. Those who get the rolls with the papers in them have to answer.   (How to: just baste the paper with butter and roll up in the dough before cooking).The new tradition can help make sure the topic of conversation stays light and fun (vs. angry banter over old football rivalries and Uncle Ned eating two slices – including the last piece - of pumpkin pie!)

Another way to make your Thanksgiving celebration a smash is to keep your guests engaged by giving them something amazing to talk about—like what you've done to your home!  Want to make sure you’re ready? Try these projects that are small on the effort scale, but big on WOW factor:

  • Create a focal point with an accent wall in a fun color or pattern. Grab a can of paint this weekend and try something new! If you hate it--paint it back after the holidays.
  • A lot of dinner guests means grabbing those extra chairs in the basement that you’re not so proud of. Reupholster the seat with fun new fabrics. Make every one different to really get people talkin’.
  • Pro Tip: Focusing your energy on fun DIY projects can help alleviate some of the stress you get on the days leading up to Thanksgiving.
Sprucing up your home doesn’t have to be just a conversation starter. It can also be practical and save you the stress of cleaning up. For example, adding a slipcover for your couch in a new hue not only livens things up, but it also as a protective layer that's machine washable. Speaking from experience: cranberry sauce looks a lot better on your plate than on your sofa!

Not into the home-cooked meal thing on Thanksgiving? Rather indulge in something prepared by a pro ( and most importantly—not you?) Go out for Turkey Day! The ultimate way to relax is to not cook at all. Here is a list of restaurants open on Thanksgiving. Some have special hours and exclusive menus!

thank you

In honor of Thanksgiving, we’d like to say Thank You to all of our customers that have let us in their home over the past 24 years. Cheers to you and your families!