Before the temperatures dips to certified freezing, we wanted to let you in on a few need-to-know secrets about what this season will bring and what it means for your energy bills.  Below are 10 little-known facts about weather, gadgets and the best time to do laundry (is there ever?) and how they can affect the size of your wallet. We all know knowledge is power, right? Well in this case, it's less power. (Is that a pun only energy people understand?)

Did you know? 
  • The Energy Department expects temperatures in the Northeast to be about 3% colder than a year ago  ...  make sure your home isn't letting in any of that colder air by checking your windows & insulation for leaks.
  • According a recent USA Today article,  prices for natural gas, electricity and propane are higher, meaning more than 90% of homes will experience higher heating expenses ... combat the heating expenses by being smarter at conserving energy (keep reading!). 
  • The EPA estimates that idle gadgets like tvs and computers burn through more than 100 billion kilowatt hours of electricity nationwide each year. That's about $10 billion worth of energy. ...  turn them off!!
  • Still not convinced by #3? Let's laser in: leaving one computer on all day can cost you about $75/year ... Again, turn them off when not in use!!
  •  Power companies change electric costs based on the time of day. (How many knew this?) It can cost 30-60% more to operate your electronics during peak hours of energy usage. Some companies even offer non-peak discounts ... wait for the weekend to do laundry. 
  • Next to windows, exterior doors are the most common cause of unwanted air infiltration ... seal them or consider replacing them.
  •  Heat food in your toaster oven — it uses up to 50% less energy than a full-size oven .. and for the patient-impaired, it's so much faster!
  • According to Owens Corning, about 40% of your home’s energy loss escapes through the attic ...if not properly insulated, a large part of the money you're spending heating up that air is flying out the window. 
  • LED light bulbs can have a life of more than three years if run 24 hours a day, seven days a week, while using 75% less energy ... one less thing to put on your grocery list. 
  • Switching your ceiling fan to a clockwise rotation makes it warmer by pulling air near the ceiling  back into the living space which can cut heating costs as much as 10%! ... Find the switch up top and start savin'!
Think your home is wasting lots of energy and money, but want to be sure? Get a FREE in-home energy evaluation! Our experts will identify energy inefficiencies and find solutions to make your home the most comfortable and efficient this season