The air is getting crisper and the leaves are starting to crunch underneath our feet. The season we love oh-so-much has officially arrived, and with it came an uninvited party guest-- clogged gutters.

clogged gutters, fall leaves We all love the brightly-colored leaves that come with the beginning of fall, but those pretty little things falling from the trees have to wind up somewhere.

Not only are these debris-filled trenches an eye sore and a potential catalyst for rot and water damage to your home, but they can also be dangerous. So in lieu of Fire Prevention Week starting this Sunday, we're going to shed a little light on the not-so commonly known fact that those clogged gutters could cause your beloved home to go up in flames.

We don't usually think of cleaning our gutters to fall in the category of fire prevention, but once you think about it, you wonder why you've overlooked it so many times before.

Backed up gutters filled with leaves and twigs may look innocent enough, but say your neighbor decides to enjoy the brisk weather by roasting some marshmallows in her fire pit tonight. Innocent enough, except for that she didn't invite you to indulge, but you'll get over it. Then, one swift gust of wind picks up an ember from that fire and carries it right over to your house, where it settles firmly on that dry, flammable, debris sitting in your gutters. All it takes is one tiny spark to ignite it and spread like wildfire.

clogged gutters, gutters and debris, cleaning gutters, Don't risk your life for the sake of clean gutters. Gutter protection systems are the safer way to combat them.

Prevent the fire from even happening by getting rid of your clogged gutters. You can do it by cleaning them out manually on a regular basis, but that involves high ladders and potential danger for you or the poor person in your family that's climbing it. Plus,the perk of colder temperatures means you don't have to do yard work.

The best way to rid your gutters of any debris, leaves, ice, and water and to never climb a ladder again is to invest in a gutter protection system. They protect your gutters year-round from potentially flammable debris in the fall as well as excess water that could freeze and cause interior damage come winter. These low-maintenance systems will not only protect your gutters, but your house and family too.

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