Tips on how to avoid getting swallowed by the sea that is home renovation.

The increase of home improvement spending shows that more and more homeowners are choosing to ride the remodeling wave and stay in their current space instead of moving up to a larger, already updated one. Because homes have lost so much of their selling value in the past 6 years, people are investing their money into home renovation in hopes to see a return of that investment in the future.

Deciding to remodel your home, whether the project be big or small, is usually regarded as a daunting decision. Fears of the unknown run through your mind like,“Will I run out of money?”What if I hate it? and “I've heard it never gets finished on time”.  Sure, the unknown can be scary, but with a little preparation, and the right people to help you, it doesn't have to be. Check out our tips below on how to ride the remodeling wave:


Homeowners' number one fear is getting into a project that is going to break the bank. Knowledge is power, guys.

Before: Be prepared for what you’re about to spend. Many websites have cost calculators or over-the-phone quotes, but for many projects, those may not be as accurate as you need them to be. Find a place that does free in-home estimates with no commitment necessary. Meaning, someone will come to your home and won’t make you sign a contract. Ask about financing specials or sales events that are going on. We even have web coupons available all year round. After: Keep a peace of mind after all the work is done. Most contractors offer warranties, but read the fine print. It will tell you if both products and labor are covered and for how long.  We, in addition to having both products and labor under a limited lifetime warranty,  offer free annual inspections to keep our customers confident that everything is running smoothly long after we've left your home. That’s why we say you can count on us, not once but for a lifetime. Failed Expectations

I'm not Ty Pennington and we aren't Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. It should not be a surprising unveiling of the finished product. You should be all-hands-on-deck when it comes to any remodeling project. The last thing you want is a bathroom that you sob in instead of one that you unwind in.  This is why custom design tools are ideal. You don't have to spend a dime or a day on seeing the future. Use our bathroom design tool to find what exactly it is that you want and then we'll take care of making sure you get it. A web tool can only take you so far, at some point human interaction is necessary, and when you get to that point-- we'll be here. Each individual customer is appointed to a customer representative that will take care of you each and every time you need us. You should never feel like your project is being taken out of your control.


HGTV scarred us for life. How many remodeling shows have you seen that the project that was supposed to take a week, took 6 months? Avoid turning your life into a drama series by keeping informed every step of the way. We give our customers a schedule that will outline project duration. And, all of our products are made in the USA so we can operate as quickly as possible instead of waiting for things to ship cross-country. As with anything, obstacles can arise, but being on top of the project prevents those obstacles from becoming a road block. Our seriously skilled technicians are trained for this kind of stuff.

A customer from Dayton, OH commented: "I would like to recognize the salesman and the foreman of the installation team. I was impressed with the way he kept track of everything and solved problems before they became problems."

After all is said and done, companies that have the resources to get customers' feedback is a major advantage. Being able to read about others' past experiences and share your own is crucial. You have the right to be heard! We, using a 3 party company to ensure no bias, survey each customer to make certain that we meet every homeowner’s expectations and that they are completely satisfied.

Everything's a little bit more scary when you're in the dark -- so don't be! Get informed and ask questions about your next remodeling project- we'd love to help. Call us at 1-800-766-6669,email us at, or request a free quote.