May is the ideal time to focus on projects that can not only help to maintain the value of your home, but can make a big difference to its appearance and visual appeal, functionality and energy-efficiency. While many homeowners have focused on the interior of their homes as part of their spring cleaning, it’s important not to neglect the exterior of your home as well.

During the month of May, why not take some time to inspect the following areas of your home:

1. Gutters – Make sure your gutters are unclogged and completely clear of debris - and securely and correctly attached to your home for proper drainage.

2. Windows – Check to see if your windows operate easily (open and close), if there’s air leaking in or out of them, or if there’s condensation. Any of these could mean it’s time for new energy-efficient replacements windows.

3. Doors – If you can feel a draft or see light around your doors, or if they’re hard to open, close or lock, a new door may be in order. Not only to enhance the protection factor, but to help promote energy savings as well.

4. Siding – Take a walk around your home and really inspect your siding. Look for areas where dirt or algae may have settled and use a mild detergent to clean unsightly areas. Also look for peeling paint or caulking that may need a touch up. Also be on the look-out for buckling, warping or insect damage that may need addressed.

5. Roof – Evaluate the condition of your roof by looking for loose, broken or missing shingles. Better to patch trouble spots as they become known than to risk greater future damage and major repairs that can result from lack of maintenance.

6. Entire Exterior – It’s advisable to walk the entire circumference of your home and inspect everything – including items such as wooden columns, shutters, trim, garage door, deck and patio to ensure there aren’t insect infestations, water spots, decay, warping, chipping or peeling. It’s easier and less costly to repair these trouble spots early and reduce or prevent major repairs or replacements in the future.

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