Noticing that your windows are drafty, have condensation or frost built up on the inside, and just don’t seem to keep the comfortable air on the inside and keeping the uncomfortable air on the outside? There are various ways to make your current windows more energy efficient.

The Energy Savers website offers these ideas to make your windows more efficient:

· Install Storm Windows These come in a variety of price ranges and materials. Storm windows are a good option for folks who have older windows in their home that are still in decent shape and cannot afford new, energy-efficient windows or that may live in rental homes or apartments. Although they do not offer any additional insulating performance to current windows, they do reduce the amount of air movement into and out of existing windows. Therefore, they can reduce your heating and cooling costs.

· Caulking and Weatherstripping With these two simple procedures you can make significant improvements on the amount of cold air that creeps into your home during chilly seasons. The cost savings in your energy bill is quickly realized not to mention how much more comfortable your home will be.

· Installing Window Treatments and Coverings We aren’t just talking draperies and curtains here (although those are excellent ways to cover your windows); there are also other items that are very effective in keeping your home more comfortable throughout the year no matter what season it is. These include: awnings, blinds, high-reflectivity films, insulated panels, mesh window screens, overhangs, shades, shutters and storm panels.

When investigating your options to make your windows more energy efficient, gather all of your facts. Speak with a qualified remodeler and gather quotes on purchasing new, energy-efficient windows. You don’t have to do all windows in your home at once. Maybe only do the side of the house where it is affected most by the weather. Then do the other sides as you can. Also, look at the expenses of doing all of these recommendations in comparison to installing new windows. You may be surprised to find that there may not be much price difference.

Either way, make the most educated decision you can with you and your home’s best interest at heart.