Indoor air quality is a very important factor to your home being healthy and comfortable. Your indoor air can contain dust mites, allergens, molds and irritants that can aggravate health conditions and allergies and could cause some sickness. With air-tightness being a top priority in homes today, for the sake of energy efficiency, indoor air quality is a growing concern.

So now you are wondering, how can these contaminants be removed from my air duct system? Indoor air pollution can be traced to the cleanliness of your duct system. There are cleaning systems to clean your air ducts of the forced air system of your home. You can attempt to do this yourself, but it is probably best to hire a qualified contractor for this task. A qualified contractor will have the proper equipment for cleaning your system. Some even have video-assisted systems that can show them what they are cleaning as they are cleaning.

You should consider having your air ducts cleaned according to the U.S. Environmental Agency if:

· There is substantial visible mold growth on your ducts or other components of your heating or cooling system.

· Ducts are infested with vermin or rodents.

· Ducts are clogged with a significant amount of dust or debris.

There is no question that air ducts should be cleaned when dirty. Cleaning your air ducts on a regular basis will help keep your home a healthier place to live for you and your family.