Energy efficiency is the home is emerging as one of the first and foremost money savings opportunities that are being looked at by homeowners and potential home buyers alike. There are several things that a homeowner can do in the short term that are low cost and relatively to do themselves. However, there are other log term projects that home owners can either hire a qualified contractor to do or do themselves if they are particularly handy. These are recommended by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy.

¨ Insulate - If your walls aren’t insulated have an insulation contractor blow cellulose into the walls. Bring your attic insulation up to snuff.

¨ Replace aging, inefficient appliances. Even if the appliance still has a few useful years left, replacing it with a top efficiency model is generally a good investment that will save you money down the road.

¨ Upgrade leaky windows. It may be time to replace them with energy-efficient models or to boost their efficiency with weather-stripping and storm windows.

¨ Have your heating and cooling systems tuned up in the fall and spring. Duct sealing can also improve the energy efficiency and overall performance of your system.

¨ Improve your landscape to give your house shade in the summer and provide a wind-break in the winter. Both will help your house stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

¨ Know that you are making a difference! You should be able to tell in the savings in your energy bill that you are consuming less energy and helping the environment!