Cell-phones, I-pods, DVD players, home computers, laptops, entertainment systems, society today is more ‘plugged in’ than ever before. It is estimated that residential energy use that is consumed by consumer electronic products is responsible for approximately 15 percent of home energy use.

What can us as consumers do to cut down on this consumption of energy use? Purchase ENERGY STAR qualified products that cut down on the amount of energy home electronic products use. The majority of these products has a ‘sleep’ mode where the machine is not active but still on with electricity streaming to it. The ENERGY STAR products use less energy during the standby modes which saves you money and is better for the environment.

Simple steps can produce big results making the planet healthier while saving you money. According to www.energystar.gov, the average home has two TV’s, three telephones and a DVD player. If these items were replaced with ENERGY STAR qualified models, it would save over 25 billion pounds of gas emissions.

You can get a complete list of products at the ENERGY STAR website. Here is a brief list:

¨ Battery charger system

¨ Digital-to-analog converter boxes

¨ Cordless phones

¨ Combination units

¨ DVD products

¨ External power adaptors

¨ Home audio systems

¨ Televisions