Everyone says they wants to be energy conscious and be environmentally ‘green’, however when it comes to improvements on their home are they willing to put their money where their mouth is? A green remodel is still a home improvement that will improve the looks and functionality of the home, but it will also make the home healthier, use less water and materials, use recycled or sustainable materials and create less waste in the process.

Going green in a remodel is an all-encompassing approach to making a home clean, healthy, comfortable and efficient. The emphasis is placed on making homes as energy efficient as possible through the use of energy efficient products and environmentally safe products. The goal is to make your home as comfortable as you can now while making the environment healthier for the future.

Sustainability is the key in green remodels. For humans to live sustainably, they must use the Earth’s resources in a way that they can be replenished as they are used. In a nutshell, look at what we are doing/using now and what impact will it have one, ten or one-hundred years later. In the process, you can sustain your community by purchasing materials from local businesses and using products that are good for the environment.

A green remodel has many advantages. First is through cost savings by purchasing energy efficient and water wise designs and products. Second is a healthier home. Green products make the air in your home healthier by using ingredients that don’t irritate skin or eyes and create better ventilation which cuts down on mold and allergens. Green remodeling also brings beauty and comfort through the use of sustainable wood trims, recycled materials, low toxic paints and finishes and energy efficient appliances with out sacrificing style. Additionally, a green remodel will add value to your home through energy efficiency. Prospective buyers are more likely to purchase an energy efficient home than one that is not. Finally, it helps Mother Earth. Less energy used means less pollution and using materials that are recycled or sustainable helps the earth maintain itself and makes it healthier for generations to come.

Recently large retailers have started offering eco-friendly construction material in your local stores. Also look for ENERGY STAR products and appliances. When considering your options, not only consider the cost of the materials, but also the energy savings it can provide you in the long run. Often a higher initial investment will save you dollars in energy bills.