Designing your landscape can not only help you with your energy costs but also with water conservation. During drought seasons in all areas of the country, maintaining a good quality water supply is crucial to the health and well-being to the home owner.


Xeriscaping is an innovative method to landscaping where quality design is effective, attractive and promotes water conservation in landscaped areas. 


Xeriscaping is based on seven basic principles:


  1. Planning and design
  2. Selecting and zoning plants appropriately
  3. Limiting turf areas
  4. Improving the soil
  5. Irrigating efficiently
  6. Using mulches
  7. Maintenance


Xeriscaping is popular in arid, dry regions, but can be utilized in most areas. It is not cactus and rock gardens. Xeriscaping actually can be beautiful, green, cool landscaped that are effective in water control.


To find out more about the basics of xeriscaping visit the U.S. Department of Energy website.