In the current economic crisis of the country, everyone is looking at ways to reduce costs on everything. One of the easiest and free ways to do so is to start making your home more energy efficient. It not only saves you money but also better for the environment, healthier living for you and increases your home’s value.

According to the Alliance to Save Energy here are some no-cost ways to save energy and money.
  • Turn everything off not in use: lights, TV, computers, etc.
  • Check the furnace or air conditioner filter each month and clean or replace it as needed.
  • During hot months, keep window coverings closed on the south, east, and west windows. In winter, let the sun in.
  • Glass fireplace doors help stop heat from being lost up the chimney. Also, close the fireplace damper when not in use.
  • Activate “sleep” features on computers and office equipment that power down when not in use for a while. Turn off equipment during longer periods of non-use to cut energy costs and improve longevity.
  • When cooking, keep the lids on pots. Better yet, use the microwave instead.
  • Dress appropriately for the weather and set your thermostat to the lowest possible comfortable setting. During cold weather use extra blankets and layers of clothes.
  • In summer, use fans whenever possible instead of AC and ventilate at night this way when practical. This will allow you to raise your thermostat using less energy.
  • About 15 percent of an average home energy bill goes to heating water. To save hot water take 5 minute showers instead of baths. Do only full loads of laundry and dishes in the dishwasher. Try using only cold water for laundry and save up to $63 a year.
  • Lower the temperature on your hot water heater. It should be set at “warm” so that a thermostat held under running water reads no more than 120 degrees.
  • Only heat and cool the rooms you need. Close the vents and doors of unused rooms.