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Whether you live for football or think Peyton Manning is the best forward the soccer community has seen in years, who cares? The best part about the first Sunday in February is not who wins or loses, or even the borderline- amazing commercials you will see. What really matters is that this is the fi...

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It’s not only your neighbors and friends that will judge your house by its cover—according to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), potential homebuyers say that curb appeal is most important when house hunting. And they're not talking about a manicured yard and bushels of lively flowers welco...

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The holidays are officially behind us and a brand new year is in full swing. It’s funny how we start off each year with resolutions that, more often than not, involve taking something away from ourselves: Fast food, soda, carbs, spending money-- we could go on forever . Here at Improveit!, we’re n...

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