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Did summer pass you by leaving you no time to take that trip or throw that party? No worries. Labor Day weekend is here to give you that little bit of extra time you needed to  finish checking off your summer bucket list.  On Labor Day, most of us are rewarded with an extra day to relax and reflec...

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Tips on how to avoid getting swallowed by the sea that is home renovation. The increase of home improvement spending shows that more and more homeowners are choosing to ride the remodeling wave and stay in their current space instead of moving up to a larger, already updated one. Because homes hav...

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Parents all over the world, rejoice! School is in session, which means it’s time to take your home back. Let’s face it, for those of you with kids summer likely lost its appeal by the second week. Your house starts looking like the Tasmanian devil’s vacation home while simultaneously taking on the...

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Why looking local when deciding on your next purchase can benefit both you and your community. As consumers’ desire to help the American economy increases, it’s having an effect on smaller, locally-owned businesses—in a good way. Because of the disappearing act of U.S. jobs, people are putting mon...

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