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Buyer beware of ridiculously low advertised prices for home improvement projects. The figures are as high as 75% of the home remodeling print ads are based on a false pretense. These ads work to get a sales appointment with you and a low price can be their ticket into your home. For examp...

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The Lowest Price May be Cause for concern – A contractor will calculate all the costs of doing business with you, want to establish a fair cost, and also want a profit for their hard work. The bids should be based on similar services with little price fluctuations. The bigger companies c...

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Now that you’ve gone through the process of contacting a couple contractors and having them over for a site survey, the next step is to evaluate the visit and assess how well you think they would perform working in your home. I have assembled nine evaluation points that will set your mind...

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So you have made the big decision to have a home improvement project done on your home and have narrowed your contractor search down to one or two. Now you are wondering ‘What can I expect from this process? What steps are involved and how do I know if everything is going correctly?” Wh...

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