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Learn About the Benefits of a New Sunroom

You already know how beautiful your home can look with a new sunroom, but have you considered all the additional benefits a new sunroom can provide? Not only does a new sunroom improve the aesthetics of your home, it can also improve the energey efficiency in your home as well as increase your property value.

Added Benefits of a Sunroom from Improveit!

  • Making more of your home with a sunroom
  • What you need to know about permits, zoning and inspections
  • Understanding sunroom construction

Making more of your home with a sunroom

Homeowners have found sunrooms the perfect answer to adding open space and ambiance to their homes affordably. Sunrooms bring the outdoors indoors and add to the casual relaxed living of the home. Surprisingly, sunrooms make sense on the investment side as well. A professionally built sunroom can return as much as 70% to 110% of the homeowner’s investment when it comes to resale. Versatile in size, shape, and interior appointments, sunroom design is limited only by the buyer’s imagination and budget.

What you need to know about permits, zoning and inspections

When it comes to permits, zoning and inspections, there is one safe rule to follow. You should never be asked to pull a permit or get involved in zoning unless you are doing the work for yourself. Here’s what you need to know to protect yourself:

  • Only licensed contractors or homeowners can apply for a building permit If your contractor asks you to apply and be responsible for the building permit, it is a pretty good sign that the firm is unlicensed and uninsured.
  • Whoever applies for the building permit accepts total responsibility for the overall job. Unfortunately, this means assuming responsibility for all insurance and complete risk if anything goes wrong.
  • Beware of contractors who offer you a discount. Some contractors will offer a discount if the homeowner applies for the permit. Consider the responsibility for workers’ compensation, public liability, and doing the job again if it isn’t done right the first time. It is not worth the risk.
  • Most homeowners’ insurance policies do not cover the risk. Homeowners are often shocked to learn that workers’ compensation and public liability are not covered under most homeowners’ insurance policies.

Understanding sunroom construction

There are three vital parts to any sunroom and each plays a major part in the construction and the life of a sunroom.

  • Foundation. The construction of the foundation is crucial to the lifetime of the room. Sunrooms may be constructed on wood decks, commonly called insulated decks, or concrete slabs. Shortcuts are often taken in constructing wood decks, frequently with disastrous results for the sunroom owner. When decks are not built to code, with proper pier footers, proper load beams, and proper attachments to the home, the room can shift, pull away from the home, even collapse. Great care must also be taken with concrete slabs. The most important part of the concrete slab is what you don’t see—the footer. For a slab to be properly used for sunroom, a footer 32″ to 36″ deep must be dug and poured under the edge of the slab. This will prevent settling and shifting of the concrete and keep your new sunroom intact.
  • Roof. Proper choice of roof materials will maximize usage of the sunroom. Materials that control room temperature and can withstand snow loads are imperative to the life of the room. Your contractor must also have experience in proper installation so that your roof is impervious to leaks.
  • Wall and Glass System. Enjoyment of a sunroom has much to do with the quality and performance of the wall and glass system. Homeowners want freedom from maintenance, easy-opening windows, security, privacy, insulation, extended use and comfort, and aesthetics. A quality wall and glass system will determine your satisfaction with the appearance, livability, and resale value of your sunroom.

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