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Learn What New Siding Offers Your Home

replacement siding tipsWhen you think home renovation, new replacement siding may not be your first thought. But, do you realize all that quality siding can do for your home? Not only can new siding give your home a much needed face-lift, but it can also help create a new layer of protection while saving you money on your monthly energy costs.

Learn more about the importance of having quality siding on your home:

  • How painting wastes your money
  • How to choose quality siding
  • How new siding can pay for itself

How painting wastes your money

You never own a paint job, you lease it. Today’s lead-free paint is 65% water, which means most homes need to be painted every four to five years to maintain a fresh appearance. Many economize by doing it themselves, but fail to calculate the real cost in labor and time! Here’s what it costs to professionally paint the average home every five years.

How to choose quality siding

Sidings vary widely in quality and price. Most people want to side their home only once. Here is what to look for when choosing a siding that will last.

  • The quality of the vinyl siding veneer, or skin panel. The thickness of the vinyl, or gauge, is the key to its durability and cost. Today’s new-generation composite panels are thicker, sturdier, and have a more natural appearance than inferior vinyl siding panels.
  • Insulation value and impact resistance. Look for a siding that is fully supported. Siding without a support backer is hollow, susceptible to dents from impact and weather. Only siding with a complete Thermal Support Systemâ„¢ saves energy and preserves the appearance of your siding over the life of your home.
  • Aesthetic beauty. Only top-quality sidings offer the latest in color fade technology, authentic wide-plank profiles, real-wood graining, and extended-length panels for 50% fewer seams.

How new siding can pay for itself

The best siding in the market today is backed by a contoured Thermal Support System™ – a dense insulation foam—precisely contoured to fit the profile of the siding panel. Siding with the Thermal Support System™ can save on your heating bills – making it possible to recoup the cost of new siding in energy savings alone over the life of your home.

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