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ROI: What is it + Why is it Important?

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Remodeling Magazine just released their Cost vs Value Report for 2017.  The report compares the average cost for popular remodeling projects with the value those projects retain at resale.  This cost vs value  percentage is your ROI – or – return on investment.

Some home remodeling projects, like any investment, will protect your dollars more than others, so it’s always a good idea to check the numbers before you begin. Will your next home project pay you back big? Let’s find out.
ROI for 4 popular home improvement projects


Bath remodels will continue to be one of the most popular home projects of 2017, but the key to getting the most on your return? Keep the upgrades mid-range and appeasing to the masses. Opt for low-maintenance materials always- they stay beautiful longer.

Window replacements offer a high return because they are replacing something that is broken and are usually necessary. Fixing something that is broken has a higher rate of return versus just upgrading!

With low initial cost and high ROI, insulation and entry door replacements are an easy choice, especially if you’re looking to increase your home’s energy efficiency.

Home-value benefits and money-saving potential mean 2017 is your year to upgrade your home. Ready to get started? Grab your free quote here!

Cleaning Your Gutters: Why Is It a Priority?

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It’s that time of year again.  Time to be at the mercy of falling leaves. While many of us reach for our rakes, we often forget about one of the most important chores of the season: Cleaning your gutters. This less-than-desirable task should be on top of your priority list every year. CHECK OUT WHY:

It prevents water damage

  • When your gutters become clogged with leaves, it prevents water from going down the downspout which can lead to problems like foundation cracks and a leaky roof.

It maintains the value & beauty of your home

  • If water can’t flow through your gutters properly, it can begin to leak down your exterior walls.This can lead to peeling of your exterior house paint, causing stains and discoloration.

It keeps out unwanted visitors

  • Wet and moist areas are prone to insect infestation. By not cleaning your gutters, you could see termites and mosquitos set up shop.

It gives you a better view of your gutters

  • Piled-high leaves will cover up major problem signs. Before you put that ladder away, be sure to check for the following issues. If you see one or more of these problems, it may be time to replace your gutter system.
    • Cracking: Cracks in your gutter are like a hole in a bucket; it defeats the purpose
    • Worn seams: They cause water to leak out and go where it’s not supposed to.

Sick of maintaining your gutters and putting yourself and your home at risk? Our clog-free, leaf-free gutter protection system protects your home from future damage and you from another fall chore. Click here for a free quote!

5 Tricks to Spot Spooky Windows

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Unless your house is the new set for a remake of Hokus Pokus, having spooky scary windows is not the hot new thing. There’s a definite line between terrifying and not sparkling new. Seeing the terrified faces of your neighbors should be a dead giveaway that you, my friend, have crossed the line into terrifying. But sometimes we can’t rely on our neighbors to be so transparent, so your treat from us this Halloween is a list of 5 tricks to spot spooky windows.

1. Hard to Operate

If you can’t open (or close) your windows, whether it be from poorly functioning tracks or mistakenly being painted shut, that’s one point for spooky. And, 0 points for safety! Seriously, not safe!

double hung 2

Easy-to-use latch keys allow the breeze to come in whenever you need it














2. A Pain to Clean

We’re betting if you can’t tilt your windows in to clean the outward-facing side, then it’s probably been awhile since that side has been cleaned. No judgement here. We wouldn’t be climbing up ladders outside to clean them either.  But, just so we’re all on the same page: if something hasn’t been cleaned in years, it’s probably filthy. Just sayin’.

double hung windows

Double-hung windows allow for easy cleaning















If it constantly looks like it’s raining outside, but it’s not- you either have a condensation problem or somebody played a trick on you. Assuming it’s the former, your home might be dubbed as the sweaty kid on the block. 

condensation windows

It might be fun to write love notes on your windows, but condensation is a big problem.















4.Harmful Bacteria & Mold

Not really needing an explanation, mold and bacteria can be harmful to your eyes yes, but more importantly to your health. What are we up to now? Four for spooky, another 0 for safety? Yikes. 

mold vinyl

Moisture is mold’s best friend. Making sure your windows are sealed tightly is your best bet to keep both out.
















5.Winter Humidity & Fogging:

If ice is forming on the inside of your house, it’s probably time to reevaluate your window situation. You may not care about scaring the neighbors from the exterior view, but now you’ve made friends that you invite inside of your home extremely uncomfortable. And cold. 

Vinyl Ice Spacer Gone Bad

Got spacers? Guess not.














Did you get five out of five? Don’t fret! The best thing about having spooky windows is that you can only go up from here. Call it an excuse to get shiny and new! 

Bold Colors Can Combat Lack of Natural Light In Your Home

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We’re getting into the thick of winter and the shortage of sunshine is already getting to us– it’s going to be a long, dark road to Spring. But there is hope! Below are tips on how painting can combat the lack of natural light in the place you spend most of your time: your home.

Make up for lost light with a bold color.

Have a room in your house that doesn’t get any light from the outdoors? Whether it be the direction the windows face, lack of windows altogether, shadows from trees or buildings nearby, or simply it being winter in Ohio– rooms that get little sunlight often feel cold and lifeless. The solution? Go bold with paint. That means no white, no off-whites, creams, light greys etc. The problem with lighter hues paired with little-to-no natural light means there’s nothing for your walls to reflect, leaving the room flat and most importantly: boring. If we’ve learned anything from Pantone’s Color of the Year (Marsala) it’s that 2015 is all about the rich and robust hues and for good reason.

painting for low lit rooms

Offset dark bold walls with lighter trim and accents when decorating a low naturally lit room. (


Picking a color: Does color really affect emotional well-being? 

Shortage of vitamin D is no joke. With the lack of natural light in our homes, we can get moody and less productive and whether you believe in color psychology [how color affects mood] or not, it’s worth a shot. Added bonus to going bold? Darker colors are said to have even greater affect than lighter ones. Here’s the emotion breakdown and how to acheive it with color:

  • Calm, Relaxed: Greens, purples and blues.
    • Blue is also said to be the ‘most productive’ color (home office material).
no natural light tricks

The saturated deep teal and low natural light gives this office something to work for. (photo: gdsw).









  • Passion, Intensity: Reds
    • Also said to increase appetites (aka maybe avoid in the kitchen if you’re still stickin’ to your New Years resolution!).
low light bathroom paint colors

Bathrooms are the most common room for poor natural light. Paint it this color and that’ll be the last thing on your mind. (















  • Cheerful, Warm: Yellow
    • Warning: Yellow is believed to have the oppositeaffect on babies (skip this color for a nursery).
deep gold yellow to combat lack of natural light

A deep honey color is still cheerful and warm but has the perfect richness to demand great attention. (














Want more? 

Looking for a more dramatic solution to lack of natural light in your home? Adding more windows is always an option, just ask your contractor! Not willing to do that much renovation? You can always opt for picture windows to be installed. They are intended for unobstructed viewsand to welcome plenty of sunlight!

For more information, contact us. 

5 Must-Do’s for Fall Home Maintenance

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Is it us, or did summer sprout wings and seriously fly by? In the last few weeks, you were probably busy doing everything but preparing your home for the impending seasons. Don’t worry, you’re not alone- we too went to the pool instead. But now it’s time to buckle down and get our beloved abodes  ready for temperatures (and leaves. and sn*w!) to drop. Below are 5 must-do’s for fall home maintenance, plus a life-changing way to use your Crock Pot.

1. Seal in that air!

high utility bills

Were your cooling bills outrageous this summer? Chances are, your heating bills will be too. Your home may be suffering from cracks, gaps or holes which let unwanted air in, confusing your heating or cooling system and making it work harder. In addition to infiltration, air is also escaping out of those same locations. That means all of that air you spent so much money on heating is well, out the window. If you’re not sure where your air leaks are, call for a free in-home energy assessment where one of our energy experts will identify them for you, and provide recommendations to remedy the issues.


2. See how your furnace has been holding up. 

It’s been awhile since that puppy has ran and it’s time for an annual checkup. Like, now.   An annual furnace service is relatively inexpensive (under $100 for most) and if there is a problem, you have time to come up with a solution in mid-range temperatures, instead of below freezing ones.

3. Take a look at the top. 

fall maintenance tips

..Of your house. Two things you don’t want to fail: your roof and your gutters. The weight that snow and ice put on a roof during winter months is not for the weak  or flimsy. Making sure yours can withstand the elements now will save you a lot more money than finding out later. As for gutters, if you don’t have a protection system that keeps those ever-so-beautiful leaves  out during autumn, the relationship with your ladder is about to get real. Ignoring build-up of debris (especially wet debris) in your gutters is not only cause for foundation problems,  it’s also a fire hazard. Think about all of your neighbors using their fire pits outside. Do you ever see little stray ashes that get carried away by a gust of wind? What if one finally settles into your cramped gutter, filled with dry leaves and sticks. Houston, you have a problem.

4. Check  your chimney.

We don’t recommend you  checking your chimney. This is work for the pros, who will come out and inspect the inside and outside as well as clean it out for around $100.  We suggest calling a pro sooner rather than later (while the weather is still on our side). It’d be a crime to be without a warm fire on a cold night just because you forgot to get it cleaned. And certainly do not light one if it hasn’t been checked! Not even the best cackling noise and homemade marshmallows can make up for a house fire.

5. Treat yourself to a new, fabulous lamp for your favorite reading/working room. 

This may not sound like a ‘must-do’, but you’d be surprised how a little light can go a long way. Due to the sun’s position during fall and winter, paired with the short amount of time it’s actually visible, bringing some extra light in with a snazzy new lamp can help brighten your day–get it? If your home feels dark and gloomy, it may start to rub off on you so pick a room you spend most of your time in and add one more lighting fixture. Really want to reward yourself? Buy a new throw or cozy pair of socks and get comfortable. Spring will be here before you know it.

*Our Favorite Pinterest Pick of the Week:

DIY: Apple Cinnamon Potpourri: (Courtesy of creeklinehouse)

Arguably the BEST part of the season, we don’t think you can be fully prepared for fall without filling your home with at lease one of its signature scents. We’re putting the candles aside this year and trying something new: a home-made apple cinnamon potpourri. The best part? If you make it in your Crock Pot, you can let it simmer all day without fear of flames! The second best part? This is the same homemade recipe for applesauce! Seriously, awesome.

fall homemade home scents

What you’ll need:

-8 apples, peeled, cored, and roughly chopped
-1 tablespoon of cinnamon
-4 cups of water
-1 tablespoon of lemon juice
-2 tablespoons of sugar

What to do:

Combine all ingredients into a Crock Pot on low setting and enjoy!




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