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5 Little-Known, Energy-Sucking Culprits

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We know that leaving the lights on in every room of your house, or running the air conditioner non-stop for an entire summer (and sometimes half of fall) is going to smack you in the face when your utility bills inevitably arrive. Most of us make a conscious effort to dial it down on the energy-usage meter in order  to protect ourselves from sticker shock next month, and it probably works. But are you missing some important areas of your home that are serious energy offenders? Below you’ll find a list of 5  little-known, energy-sucking culprits that are likely costing you money.

1. Your Chimney

energy saving tips










Noticed a draft in your living room (or whichever room your fireplace is located)? It’s because your chimney lets cold air in during the winter and hot air in during the summer.. a lot of it. ( It’s a giant hole in your ceiling after all). What can you do to fix the unwanted air flow? Capping it will prevent any further air from coming in or out, but it will also prevent you from future use.  Why not try a chimney balloon which is designed to help block air flow, or a a fireplace shield that can be inserted and removed as you please.


2.  Small loads of laundry

energy saving tips        

Bigger is better. Wait until you have full load of laundry before you start that washing machine. Washing one full load as opposed to two smaller loads substantially cuts down on the energy used  not only to heat your water, but also to power your washing machine. Who woulda thought?

3. Space.

energy saving tips








No, not that kind of space. The other space. Like the kind between the door and the floor, or the window and the wall.   The more space there is, the more air there is getting in from outside. That unwanted air flow is going to change the temperature of your home, causing your air conditioner (or heater) to work harder. If you’re unsure about your space size– is it too big?– get a free energy evaluation from experts that know the answer to that question and will offer solutions.

4.  An empty attic.

energy saving tips

Don’t worry, we’re not going to make you clean out your attic. By empty, we mean without insulation. Non-insulated attics are robbing you – they’re guilty of letting energy and money escape right out from under your nose (and wallet)!

5. Bare windows.

   energy saving tips              







Window treatments like curtains or blinds absorb the temperature from outside, helping you feel more comfortable inside. That being said, window treatments aren’t going to single-handedly keep the weather out. If your windows aren’t made with solar technology and insulated frames, don’t be surprised if you don’t notice a different after hanging curtains. A bad window with a great curtain is still a bad window! Unsure if your window is a bad window? We can help.

August Shows, Fairs & Fests – IHR Tour Dates

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improveit home remodeling locations


Improveit Home Remodeling Cincinnati


Improveit Home Remodeling Dayton


Improveit Home Remodeling Louisville


 Call it a traveling show room, community engagement, or a just a chance to eat fair food with our neighbors. Wherever we go we have our experts in tow to help facilitate your home improvement needs. Into winning stuff for free? We also have an annual $45,000 Home Makeover Sweepstakes  you can enter to win in-person or online. ( See you later!



IHR To Give Away Ultimate Backyard Prize Pack at 2014 Ohio State Fair

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The Ohio State Fair, one of the largest state fairs in the country, is right around the corner (July 23rd – Aug 3rd) and we are officially announcing this year’s Grand Prize Giveaway!

Each year, one lucky fair go-er is the winner of a big grand prize. Past prizes have included a 52″ LCD  TV, or motorized scooter– but this year we’re going even bigger with a Backyard Prize Pack. Complete with a 4-burner gas grill, fire pit, cookware, cook books, picnic essentials and bbq tools & accessories, this prize pack has everything you need to celebrate summer in your own backyard.


fire pit and lightinglemonade








The Ultimate Backyard Prize Pack includes: 




and more!  

4 burner gas grill











Homeowners can enter to win this incredible Backyard Prize Pack simply by stopping by our booth at any time during the duration of the Ohio State Fair and filling out an entry form. The only thing that’s better about how simple that is, is this: Entering to win our prize pack automatically enters you into our annual $45,000 Home Makeover Sweepstakes for a chance to win a home makeover of your choice! Long story short: 1 entry = a chance to win TWO amazing prizes! — We’ll see ya there.

*Can’t make it to The Fair this year? You can still enter to win our Sweepstakes @

July Festivals Are Here! -IHR Tour Dates

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July Festivals mean a jam-packed month of fun with great people that make up the communities we serve! We’ve got a busy month ahead & we can’t wait! Check out the dates below and hopefully we’ll see you soon!
improveit home remodeling locations

Walk-in Tubs: Safety never looked so stylish!

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The need for a safe and comfortable bath experience is at an all-time high as a big chunk–76  million to give you an idea– of the American population (our beloved Baby Boomers) age, but let’s face it, style is usually sacrificed for safety. 

Helmets, knee pads, mouth guards? We’ve never seen those on a fashion runway, but we reluctantly wear them because they will protect us from injury and we’ve heard the ol’ saying, ‘Better safe than sorry’, enough. But now you don’t have to walk on the wild side just to show off your great taste. Walk-in tubs have come a long way from when they were first introduced in the 60′s, in both style and technology. Check out the benefits and beauty they now have to offer:

Independence, Safety & Comfort

Maybe your agility isn’t what it once was, or you or a loved one suffered from a fall at home and now getting in and out of your current bath is too difficult to do on your own. A walk-in bath has a door that makes entering and exiting a cinch, a  comfortable seat to sit in and a grab bar for even more stability. The safety features and easy design make gaining your independence back– or keeping it for years to come– a possibility again! The best part? You can design your own tub to fit your personality!

benefits of  walk-in tubs

Sit down, stand up or lay down. These tubs let you decide.















And you thought only drinking water was beneficial. Water also does the body good from the outside! Soaking in a warm bath can  help relieve pressure on joints, ligaments and muscles that may ache, aid to arthritis symptoms and alleviate back pain. But if your mobility is compromised this may be easier said than done if you don’t have an easily-accessible tub.

benefits of walk-in tubs

Choose your jet settings to customize your relaxation


Improved Quality of Life

Designed to prevent injuries from falls and slips, walk-in tubs can help enhance your overall quality of life by reducing potential accidents.  Sleeping problems? Studies have shown that soaking in a tub for 20 minutes about an hour before you head to bed can ready your body and mind for sleep, meaning no harmful sleep aids! Soaking in the tub also improves circulation, reduces stress and high blood pressure.

stylish walk-in tubs

Safety never looked so stylish


Disabilities or injuries used to stand in the way of comfortably staying in your home while aging, but they don’t have to anymore. Incorporating universal designs like  walk-in tubs that have  adaptable and safe features, AND let you show your style means homeowners can continue to grow old in the house that they love with peace of mind.


Are you or your loved ones looking to increase comfort and safety in your homes? Give us a call to learn more about how we can help. (1.800.766.6669) or


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