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Spring-Inspired Bathrooms.

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Easter is this Sunday and boy are we pumped. Why? Well, candy of course. But it’s also the first official holiday of the Spring season! Mother Nature’s pallette has changed from dark and dreary to bright and bold and the Easter Bunny is hopping with delight.

If you’re ready to follow his lead and introduce some color into your home, let’s start with the room that should be the most up-lifting: the bathroom. It is, for many, the first room you enter in the morning. Kick those half open eyes and zombie- like movements to the curb with a lively, cheerful bathroom.  Introduce spring-inspired hues to achieve a rejuvinated look (and you), but follow our suggestions below to avoid looking like you time-machined your way back to the 90′s.


Representing compassion, nurture and love, there’s a good reason why this hue is often incorporated in homes. A great way to use it wisely in your bathroom is to treat it as the sidekick of color (like in the shower curtain and use of flowers on the vanity) instead of the main show.  If you’re going to go for pink walls, use neutral colors — like the white shown to the right –for everything else.  There is such thing as too much pink, guys, and the proof is in the picture to the left. There’s no easier way to say “outdated” than an Easter-egg colored tub! You have to draw the colored line somewhere.

outdated pink bathroom

cute pink bathroom decor












A universally-liked color, blue is associated with calmness and serenity which is why it works so well in a bathroom. Start your day off on the right foot by pairing a deep blue hue with a white tub and sink. Top it off with earthy accents and you’ve got that refreshing feeling you’ve been craving. To avoid going out of style, only colorize what can be changed easily and regularly, like walls, trim and accent pieces. If you keep your sink/vanity and tub/shower in neutral hues that stand through fading trends, your life will be a lot easier. And a lot more stylish.


outdated blue bathroom

blue accent wall in bathroom













An instant mood-lifter, yellow just makes you want to smile but it’s a difficult color to decorate with. In efforts not go permanently blind, choose an accent wall (or half walls) to wallpaper like pictured on the right. To tone down the color, incorporate greys, whites and blacks (sparingly) to your design. These colors offer warmth in darker shades leaving your bathroom inviting and bright, without it screaming in your face. The yellow wall tile and tub below is not only out of style, but it has faded over time which makes the dirt and mold easier to see. Never want to see mold again? You don’t have to when your bathtub is made with Never-Grout material which doesn’t support bacteria or mold growth.


bathroom remodel columbus ohio

cute yellow bathroom remodel columbus ohio














Growth, harmony and freshness explain it all. Green is a color of a fresh start,(unless of course it’s in the form of a bathtub. Then it’s the color of the 90′s and is begging for an update! )When used with browns and tans, green becomes a color of bliss. You feel connected, but relaxed and balanced all at the same time. The addition of green beadboard (right)is a great way to add color without sacrificing the integrity of actual bathroom necessities, ie. sink & tub. The lighter wall paint on top complements it’s lower half, making the entire room extremely soothing. (We’re going to pretend like that vanity on the left doesn’t even exist).

mint green bathroom remodel columbus ohio

green beadboard bathroom remodel columbus ohio












Are you on the hunt to get rid of that Easter-egg colored tub or shower? Let us help! Our bath and shower systems have the look and feel of real granite and marble without the expense or maintenance — just wipe clean with soap and water! We offer a variety of colors and finishes so your future bathroom will be customized by the person who will enjoy it the most– you!

Call: 1.800.Room.Now or create your own coupon to get up to $200 off!



4 Easy Outdoor Projects

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The season of backyard barbecues is about to be in full swing! The days of being shoulder-to-shoulder in a stuffy kitchen are over (for a few months at least!).  Your friends and family can enjoy the luxury of fresh air and wide open spaces soon enough. First, we have to spruce things up back there. Below are 4 easy outdoor projects that will transform your outdoors and have all your guests talking.

Paint a door (front door, barn door, detached garage door– or all three!)

This painstakingly easy project that will make your home look rejuvenated. Popular door colors that look sleek instead of silly? Purple, red and dark blue! If your front door is too far gone that even the brightest of bright colors can’t distract visitors away from it’s lack of ability to close all of the way? Replace it! Not only can you get almost 100% of the cost back (96.6% to be exact), but safety and security will no longer be an issue for you or your guests!


This purple door is totally worth the risk. Picking a complementary color to green makes this choice the perfect one.

Rent a power washer from your local Home Depot or Lowes. (Or borrow from a friend or neighbor for free!)

If you’re going to do one thing this Spring, make it be this. Sometimes a little power wash on your deck saves you a lot of time, money and headaches. Instead of hiring someone to stain the worn-down wood, it may just need a good wash (Exhibit A: the picture below). You’d be surprised at what a little clean up can do to really brighten up your exterior.


It looks a whole new wood was added, when in fact, it was just cleaned!

Update your fixtures on and around your doors.

One of the most over-looked updates which, coincidentally, has one of the biggest impacts is to focus on the fixtures. Looking for a good conversation-starter? Update your address numbers for a completely unique twist!

front door

For a fresh look: add new lighting hardware, address numbers and door knocker.

Don’t forget about lighting, because as much as we don’t want it to, the sun will eventually go down.

Don’t cut a party short because of the darkness! Add string lights to a fence for a festive look. Get some tiki torches to line your deck or yard with that double as light and mosquito bite prevention, or get a large basin and fill it water and tea lights for an interesting focal point!

Go one decorating step forward and hollow out apples to place your tea lights in!

Go one decorating step further and hollow out apples to place your tea lights in!


Can’t have a party without grub. Check out our favorite barbecue recipe of the season– perfect for parties!

best barbecue recipe

No plates required and perfect for large gatherings! (click the pic for the recipe!)



6 Signs of a Bad Bathroom

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Being one of the most used rooms in the home, a bathroom goes through a lot of wear and tear, but there’s a difference between just needing a good cleanin’ and needing to part ways.  If you have one or more of these problems in what’s supposed to be the most relaxing room in your house, you may want to consider trading in your old bath or shower.

1. Mold / Mildew

Has your bathroom been taken over by unwanted house guests?

problems in your bathroom

Mold/Mildew is one of the most common problems in a bathroom and can turn into a serious health hazard.

Water leakage and broken grout make mold and mildew the most common problems found in bathrooms. These causes account for unwanted moisture giving way to a moldy shower.

Can’t deal with ugly, unhealthy mold, or leaks and drainage problems any longer?

Our bath and shower systems include wall surrounds that not only are sealed with the Triple-Seal System to ensure water-tight seams, but they don’t support mold growth. Plus, cleaning is a breeze!




2. Hard Water Stains

Feel like once you tackle one hard water stain, there’s another one to greet you the next day?

hard water stains in bathroom

Chalky white mineral deposits resulting from a build-up of alkaline in hard water.


Everywhere the water hits your tub is susceptible to hard water stains. Depending on how hard your water is and the type of tub/shower you have, these can be very frustrating and time consuming to deal with.

Can’t catch a break with hard water stains?

Using sparshield coating, our bath and shower systems are protected from stains.  Of course, you still have to clean them regulary but that’s easy–, just use soap and water! 




2. Mold / Mildew

Finding that your bathroom has been taken over by unwanted house guests?

problems in your bathroom

Mold/Mildew is one of the most common problems in a bathroom and can turn into a serious health hazard.


Water leakage and broken grout make mold and mildew the most common problems found in bathrooms. These causes account for unwanted moisture giving way to a moldy shower.

Can’t deal with leaks and drainage problems any longer?

Our bath and shower systems include wall surrounds that reach the ceiling and they actually don’t support mold growth. *This doesn’t mean you can neglect your cleaning duties! 




3. Discoloration/Stains

Has your bath or shower changed color over time and nothing brings it back?

Stains can make your shower or bath look dirty no matter how many times you clean it

Stains can make your shower or bath look dirty no matter how many times you clean it

Discoloration and staining can be caused by hard mineral deposits and years of using harsh cleaning solutions. Certain tub materials don’t mix well with certain cleaning materials, so it’s smart to ask your installer which ones to avoid.

Sick of looking at stains knowing there’s nothing you can do?

Our systems have a sparshield coating that prevents fading, stains and discoloring. If you get cleaner crazy and forget that your system wipes clean with just soap and water, no problem. Your installation comes with  a pamphlet that has a list of cleaners not to use on this material.   



4. Grout Problems

Can’t regain  the original color of the grout between your tiles?

dirty grout

Grout in your showers and baths can lead to serious problems from day one

Grout problems can begin from the minute the tile is installed on your walls. If applied improperly, it will crack, making the tile eventually come loose. If you see mold or mildew on your tub or shower base, it’s safe to assume it will travel to your walls next. Space between the tiles where the grout lies is one of the easiest places for mold to settle while being one of the hardest places to get rid of it.

Done dealing with dirty grout?

Our wall surrounds are acrylic meaning there is no grout, but you still get the feel of real granite and marble, just not the expense or maintenance. No more scrubbing or worrying about missing tiles!




5Constant Maintenance 

Feel like it’s a never-ending battle with your bath or shower?

Stop exposing  yourself to harsh chemicals while trying to make your tub shine

Stop exposing yourself to harsh chemicals while trying to make your tub shine


Routinely cleaning, disinfecting, maybe even replacing old tiles or painting can get tiresome. Constantly using toxic chemicals in efforts to clean your tub is dangerous to both you and your family.

Done putting your health at risk?

Our bath and shower systems are maintenance- free and the only cleaning materials you’ll need is soap and water. Just wipe clean!  Made of the thickest high-tech polymer in the business for strength and durability, you won’t need to constantly maintain anymore. 






6. Color Scheme

Is your bathtub, shower or wall surrounds a color of the rainbow? 

outdated bathrooms

Pink is pretty, but maybe save it for the accessories.

It’s not a crime to like a little bit of color, but nothing screams outdated like your tub being the color of an Easter egg. Show your personality through your accessories instead.

Finally ready to go down a more beautiful, fresh and neutral path?

Our tubs, showers and wall surrounds come in a variety of colors and our experts are trained to show you which ones work together, and which should never be caught in the same room. Custom manufactured for you, the opportunities are endless. 



If you find yourself agreeing with these questions, give us a call! 1.800.ROOM.NOW. We can give you a no-obligation, committment-free quote and answer any questions you may have.


For some past bathroom remodels, check out our Houzz page for beautiful photos!


Tour Dates Are Up!

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Here at Improveit! we like to build relationships while trying to leave nothing up to the imagination when it comes to planning a home remodel. The perfect way for us to do that is by being involved in the communities where we serve. This means that we are at as many Home Shows, Festivals and Parades as we can manage with our experts & products in tow in order to help guide you through your home renovation projects.

We have 4 different locations, so we are all over Ohio and Kentucky. Check out our tour dates below to see if we’re coming to your community!

improveit locations

5 Major Reasons to Replace Your Windows

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Not everyone’s reasoning for replacing their windows is the same, but 5 of the most common we see are listed below. If any of these describe your current windows and the problems that follow, it may be time to consider replacing them. If that’s the case, we can help. Call 1.800.ROOM. NOW for more information, or visit:

1. Energy-Efficiency

Most people's energy bills are higher than theyd like.

New windows start recouping your money immediately after install. You don’t have to wait to see a return.


Problem: Your energy bills are higher than you’d like.

Solution:  High performance insulated windows can lower your energy bills anywhere from 15% to 40% (depending on the condition of your windows now).

Did you know?: Depending on energy loss, it may be more expensive to keep your old windows than it is to replace them.





2. Comfort

Boomers with dog KS75376

Are you constantly adjusting your thermostat in effort to get comfortable in your home? It may be due to your outdated windowsBoomers with dog KS75376Boomers with dog KS75376


Problem: You’re finding yourself layering on the socks and sweaters in the winter and barely feeling your constantly-running air conditioner in the summer.

Solution: Insulated windows keep the cold air out in the winter and hot air out in the summer– ensuring year-round comfort.

Did you know?:  Windows are the most common cause of unwanted air infiltration.






3. Maintenance

Do you  have some windows that are painted shut or won't open?

Do you have some windows that are painted shut or won’t open?


Problem: You hate painting, caulking, or worrying about broken locks, and you’ve given up hope of ever enjoying a nice spring breeze because your windows don’t open.

Solution: Our windows are guaranteed for a lifteime of maintenance freedom and permanent beautifcation (they’ll look as good in 50 years as they do today). 

Did you know?: Keeping and not regularly maintaining your older windows can cause major problems both inside and outside your home as well as serious safety concerns.





4. Safety, Security and Health

easy to clean windows columbus ohio

Say goodbye to dangerous ladders. Cleaning your windows just got a lot easier (and way more safe!).


Problem: You don’t feel safeYou’re worried about your own safety when it’s time to climb the ladder to clean your windows and you’re worried about the safety of your family when you see how many of those windows have broken locks.

Solution: Our built-in saftey locks allow you to sleep more soundly knowing your home is secure.  As far as cleaning goes, our windows open effortlessly and tilt-in to make cleaning a cinch and a ladder unnecessary!

Did You Know?: According to the National Safety Counctil, falls are the #1 cause of accidental death disabling injures in the home every year.




5. Appearance   

replacement windows columbus ohio

New windows enhance your home’s appearance drastically inside and out



Problem: People’s first impression of your home is neglected and worn.

Solution: Enhance your curb appeal for life by choosing windows with a lifetime warranty on products and labor.

Did You Know?: Homes with new windows are much more likely to sell faster than those that don’t have them.




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