A love – hate relationship with our appliances.

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We love what technology has done for our life at home, but we hate what it means for our wallet. With more and more must-have gadgets each year, our utility bills are continuing to stretch our dollars thin.

According to the US Department of Energy, home electronics and small appliances will be responsible for almost 30% of all household electricity use, up 25% from just two years ago!

With the amount of energy consumed by these appliances rising, we can guess that our utility bills will follow suit.  Because even when turned off, energystar.gov says that these gadgets are consuming a whopping 40% of the energy used to power those electronics, costing you money, and causing your home to emit twice more greenhouse gasses than your car!

Remembering to unplug all electronics while not in use can be more difficult and time consuming than you think

Remembering to unplug all electronics while not in use can be more difficult and time consuming than you think

Unplugging these appliances and power cords may seem like the answer, but is the inconvenience really worth it? Well, with a centralized system it definitely can be. Think: power strip. Power strips integrate technology throughout the home so that your favorite entertainment systems and small appliances can be controlled (i.e. turned off) from one central location while also saving energy and money on your utility bills.  Instead of unplugging appliances and power cords from several different –and often difficult outlets- a power strip allows you to flip just one switch!

If you are considering a home renovation or you just hate the tangled mess of wires that come with the age of technology, consider placing your centralized power system within a wall so wires are hidden- creating a smooth, sleek space.  See how here!

The best thing you, as a homeowner, can do to save money is to be informed. We suggest getting your electric company to your house to make sure your meter reading is correct and getting a free home evaluation to make sure there are no inefficiencies like air leaks from old windows or doors.

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